weight loss retreats nepal

USD 666

7 Nights 8 Days Yoga Retreat In Nepal

Pumdi-Bhumdi, Pokhara-25 World Peace Stupa-Nepal
8 Days
USD 230

8 Days Yoga Retreat at Kathmandu Nepal

Vedic Arogya Ashram
8 Days

Weight Loss Retreats in Nepal

You thought weight-loss is out of the question on a holiday? Think again, Nepal mountain vacations are now available in combination with a successful weight-loss schedule. You will get to relish organic diets, refreshing ayurvedic decoction drinks with weight-loss catalysts, and exercise for a thorough cellular detox. Nepal will unravel before you with its pretty lush forests, snowy mountain scenery, and serenity by the glacial lakes. Each day will be a new day in paradise, and amidst it all, the weight-loss process is going to infinitely better than the string of painful rituals it is generally touted out to be! Destination weight loss spas are available all around Nepal-- from Kathmandu to Pokhara and higher up in the Himalayas.

Why Become a Part of Weight Loss Retreats In Nepal?

  • Burn more than you consume in the healthy lifestyle of Nepal! Every day trekking on the hilly roads, balanced eating and ethically oriented vegetarianism, yogic asana exercise, super calorie burn-up with vinyasa flow series, and pranayama breathing for hiking up your metabolic rate, are all part and parcel of the weight-loss holidays in Nepal.
  • Meditation is a great tool for bringing mind over matter and becoming able to accept yourself in your entirety. At the retreat, you will get the chance to explore different kinds of meditation modes-- yoga nidra, walking meditation, mantra chanting, pranayama breathing meditation, and many more. Walk out of the retreat with more control over your silly hunger pangs and unwholesome cravings.
  • Feel healthier in the cool mountain air and the peaceful green surroundings of Nepal. Go boating in the lakes, opt for some adventure on the hilly trails, set your heart racing on paragliding, rafting, and bungee trips, and explore the great outdoors as much as you can. Shake off the exhaustion and the torpor of living a cooped up life which is a major factor of weight gain in the modern lifestyles.
  • Observe fasting and silence days at weight loss retreats in Nepal. Challenging as it may seem, Ayurveda prescribes fasting for obtaining the best of detoxifying benefits. It cools your stomach, flushes out the channels of bodily humors, and gives your whole system the rest it needs. Intermittent fasting also works wonders on those fat excesses. Through the whole process, ayurvedic doctors in the house will be present to guide you step by step.

How to Choose a Weight-loss Retreat In Nepal?

  • Choose a Residential Program: Residential programs basically save a lot of trouble. You can begin your weight-loss curriculum from early on in the morning, there is no hassle of commuting, there is going to be zero absence from the regular classes, and you can enjoy 24x7 guidance from the instructors and share your thoughts with fellow retreaters.
  • Check for Daily Yoga and Meditation: Nepal is hub for yoga enthusiasts and ayurvedic health enthusiasts. You got to have a good dose of yogic therapy and weight-loss when in the country. Daily yoga and mindfulness exercises on the course manual ensure you will have it!
  • A Secluded and Scenic Location Helps: Travel and retreats should be an experience of self-enquiry. It is your time-off to be alone with yourself, uninterrupted and away from the rush of life. Nothing can beat the therapeutic bliss of a verandah overlooking the silent blue hills of Nepal; you must have it on your weight-loss vacation in Nepal.
  • A Month-long Retreat Works Best: While there is nothing wrong with a week or couple of week’s retreat, if you think it through, weight loss should be a gradual process. There’s a chance that week-long retreats may punch in an array of hefty activities aiming for a crash effect on weight-loss. On the other hand, month-long programs will take it slow, allowing your body the time to adapt in a healthy and mindful way.
  • 3 Nutritious and Organic Meals a Day: The full residential experience also calls for meals inclusion. Check for quality, nutritious and organic diets, and thrice a day for in-depth rejuvenation.

What Do You Learn from a Weight-loss Retreat in Nepal?

  • Learn how to exercise control over those terrible hunger pangs on your weight loss retreats in Nepal. Say no your impulses and choose what’s right for you with a meditative and centered mind.
  • Get into flow with hatha yoga and vinyasa power yoga. Cherish the fast-track weight-loss effects you can garner.
  • Experience fasting and silence, the kind of detoxifying effect it has on the body-mind.
  • Also, learn a handful of useful healthy ayurvedic recipes on the weight loss holidays in Nepal.