silent retreats nepal

USD 280

3 Days 4 Nights Yoga retreat in Nepal

Pumdi-Bhumdi, Pokhara-25 World Peace Stupa-Nepal
4 Days

Silent Retreats in Nepal

Traveling has dual dimensions for everybody--the physical journey combined with the journey within. Silent retreats in Nepal gives you an opportunity to undergo both. Travel across the world’s perimeter to reach this beautiful country cradled in the mountains, as well as explore your true inner nature with spiritual disciplines. Nepal being the birth land of Gautama Buddha has received a great deal of influence from Buddhism. On the other side of the country’s spiritual spectrum lies the sacred site of Shiva and Vishnu-- Pashupatinath and Muktinath. The yogic legacy of Nepal is just as rich, that of the Natha Yogis. As a yogi, you must come to Nepal to immensely draw from this pool of spiritual wisdom and energies through silence.

Why Become Part of a Silent Retreat In Nepal?

  • Shift Your Gaze from the External to the Inwards: Externalities like our appearance or what people think of us more or less make up our ideas about the ‘self’. There are huge fallacies involved in believing you are what people think you to be. The isolation from burgeoning noise and the process of falling into silence will turn your gaze inwards and hold a mirror to your true inner ‘self’.
  • Create a Calm Mindspace with Silence: The silent retreat in Nepal is much like zoning out with your ‘headspace’ app in between work hours to collect your thoughts and be calm. Take the retreat time to get your headspace between periods of grueling work pressure and other priorities, go back to your life as usual more sharp, focused, and enduring!
  • Deep Relaxation at the Muscular Level: Meditation lets your ‘flight or fight’ impulses subside that immediately alters the stress responses. Taut muscles become pliant, the breath slows, and the happiness perception optimizes. Just what you need!
  • Enhanced Happiness in Life at Mental Level: Happiness and the perception of happiness are not different things. How happy you can depend on how much joy you can perceive. Biological factors like your level of dopamine come into play here. Silent meditation is known to increase your capacity to feel happy and be everlastingly joyful. A meditating mind experiences equipoise even in the deadliest of life’s stressful situations.
  • More Awareness and Expanded Intellectual Capacity: Strive towards being present in the mind and body in every single passing moment. The silence within you and the deep calm of the mountains help in achieving this. Don’t be surprised if at the end of the silent holidays in Nepal you find yourself reading a book better and faster or able to articulate your speech better, that’s exactly the kind of quality meditation can achieve!

How to Choose a Silent Retreat in Nepal?

  • Peaceful Location: Move away from the touristy hotspots of Nepal to the fringes. Settle in the midst of the forested hills and hinterlands from where the divine Himalayas presence can forever be felt. You can mail the school for photos and videos of the location and living quarters allocated to the retreaters to make sure.
  • All-inclusive Residential Course: The fact of the matter is you can’t pull off a silent retreat without receiving the benefits of a full residential course. Commuting from another accommodation to the retreat facility will make the experience inconvenient and counterproductive. Opt for ashrama-style community living, may be with a room allocated to just yourself, or shared with another guest.
  • Vipassana Meditation: Vipassana meditation makes the meditator strive to non-action. That is to say, you will be disciplined to contain your knee-jerk reactions. Those who have experienced Vipassana have called the process “a war within”. It could be a beyond painful experience, but on the other side of coming through with Vipassana meditation is unadulterated peace.
  • Sattvic Meals: The term sattvic refers to the quality of “light’, ‘goodness’, and ‘purity’. Sattvic food is plant-based, full of balanced nutrition, and given to healthy ingestion by the human mind-body. Carefully supervised sattvic meals provided on the retreat will help you achieve emotional and intellectual equilibrium.
  • Self-practice: Concentrate on the aspect of self-practice ambience and guidance as provided by the facility. Availability of a peaceful meditation room, open terraces, and special curriculum for outdoor self-meditation are the right markers of a silent retreat in Nepal that you would want to take.
  • Personal Consultation: Undergoing something as intense as Vipassana meditation can tap into your innermost fears, insecurities, and buried down sadness. There must be an experienced personal consultant in the house with whom you can discuss these changes.

What Do You Learn from a Silent Retreat In Nepal?

  • Learn to be non-reactive-- the key to achieving inner calm. Once you are personally unaffected, you can participate in any kind of situation with equipoise.
  • Get inducted to sattvic food and lifestyle.
  • Find the window to connect with the ‘self’ instead of its false projections.
  • Unwind the tension in your body; relieve symptomatic pain, fatigue, and other recurring issues.