mindfulness retreat nepal

USD 600

7 Days Yoga Retreat In Nepal

Infinity Resort Lake Side (Sedi Height)
Rishikul Yogshala
7 Days
USD 230

8 Days Yoga Retreat at Kathmandu Nepal

Vedic Arogya Ashram
8 Days

Mindfulness retreat is a perfect way to experience the mind, body, and soul harmony. The beauty of a Mindfulness retreat can be defined as rejuvenating, revitalizing, and completely rekindling. It paves the pathway to Self-awareness and eventual Self-discovery. It helps the soul connect with the mind and body following the path of Yoga, Ayurveda, and Meditation. During a Mindfulness Retreat, one gets introduced to the enormous potential of their body by exploring the sacred science of Meditation to its depth. An orderly practice of Meditation assorted with the charm of a beautiful weather can bring back the lost harmony in life.

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Amidst the breathtaking panorama and utter silence of the natural settings, communicate with your inner being as you listen to your body and heart during a Mindfulness retreat.