500 hour yoga teacher training nepal

USD 3200

500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training In Nepal

Infinity Resort Lake Side (Sedi Height),Pokhara 33700, Nepal
Rishikul Yogshala
58 Days
USD 2000

500 Hours Advanced Yoga Teacher Training in Kathmandu Nepal

Bypass, Goldhunga -5, at the Lap of Nagarjun Jungle
29 Days

A magnificent opportunity awaits for you to take a pause and revive in the mind, body, and spirit, in the indeed godly Himalayan land of Nepal on this advanced yogic learning experience. In a seamless flow, the curriculum of the 500 hour yoga ttc in Nepal connects the initial practice schedule of the 200 hour course module with the intermediate level yoga course module of the 300 hour curriculum. The no-break, growing intensity of consecutive exercises on the 500 hour run allows participants to evolve more organically as a yogi, person, and future teacher. The absorption and internalization of wholesome habits, sattvic values, and a detoxified mind-body constitution, is naturalized over this lengthy period of thorough discipline. The 500 hour course on yoga teacher training is a melange of important asanas-- the beginner and intermediate Hatha and Ashtanga posture series, the breathworks series with pranayama, mindfulness practice methods, Ayurveda, and yoigc purifications, all conducted under the keen counsel and hands-on assistance of competent experts. Also, upon conclusion of the course, the skills and aptitude of each participant will be given a fair test with a teaching demonstration. As an aspiring yoga instructor of the future, you have to keep your teaching game to your best on par in this workshop and graduate the 500 hour Yoga Teacher Training in Nepal 2019 with flying colors!

The ethereal beauty and untainted blissful air of Nepal only make it conducive for participants to feel pleasant, naturally mindful, and truly in harmony with nature. The spellbinding vista of the mountain Annapurna beckons from over the horizon, Annapurna-- the deified goddess who is revered in this side of the world. Close by, the pristine waters of Lake Phewa make for memorable off-day meditative getaways amidst nature with one’s newfound friends and compatriots. The many colorful souks and bazaars of indegenous Nepal are decked full of collectibles, art works, rare spices, curious, books, and more to shop or just explore. Interestingly, Nepal marks a spiritual confluence of Buddhist and Hindu philosophies -- on karma, rebirth, non-violence, and various different codes and meanings of life on earth. To come to Nepal is to connect with thousand year old spiritual traditions and legacies, that of the Natha Yogis, of Lumbini--the birthplace of the Buddha, the ancient shrine of the great Shiva in Pashupatinath, the great stupas at Swayambhu and Bodhnath, or that of Nagarjuna-- the great Tibetan Buddhist master who had travelled in Nepal. There are fables and prophecies strewn around the holy geography of this mountainous country and that adds a distinct touch of authenticity in undergoing your journey of 500 hour yoga certification in Nepal.

Who Are Eligible to Join the 500 Hour YTT?

The 500 hour yoga TTC in Nepal is as hugely demanding as it is rewarding through to the end of the two months long journey. You need to be utterly dedicated, resilient, and daring to make a commitment for that long. Here’s how you know you are cut out for the course--

  • You should be in tune with the quintessential spirit of a traveler and can smoothly live out of a backpack. It helps if you have had a month-long traveling experience in the past. Arriving in Nepal at first may come across as a bit of culture shock, what with the language difference, the narrow-laned crowded old town, the different food habits, and the unpredictable weather in the Himalayas etc. Therefore, it helps if you are not easily upset, adaptable, and smilingly open to differences.
  • 500 hour yoga certification in Nepal participants should be okay with the two months long break from work, home, and family, and no, it doesn’t serve the purpose of you carry your engagements around digitally! Prepare for a partial or whole digital detox, and the time and mind-space to concentrate fully on the yogic discipline.
  • The willingness to adapt to a vegetarian diet, and possibly no-alcohol counts. As someone undergoing a strict discipline of intensive yoga, you are required to keep your body-mind fit for reaching the higher possibilities. An ayurvedic, plant-based dietary approach works in favor of clearing your pranic energy channels and harness optimum positive energy within you.
  • An orientation for teaching yoga in the future is very appropriate for someone taking a 500 hour yoga teacher training course in Nepal. It keeps the motivation in place for undergoing such a challenging course.

What Can You Learn from the 500 Hour YTT?

  • Master the art of performing Hatha and Ashtanga yoga postures-- the beginner and intermediate level, integrated with breathworks, and mindfulness.
  • How to provide hands-on adjustment and alignment, and postural modification to students in order to deepen and optimize the benefits of their practice.
  • Culturing a wholesome habit of healthy eating, timely exercise, and mentally strengthening with yoga and meditation.
  • Ayurveda-- remedies, plant-based diet, purification, beauty regimes, rejuvenating spa techniques, abhyanga massage etc.
  • Purely recreational, joyful styles of laughter yoga and dance yoga.
  • Gaining an insight into effectively teaching yoga-- the methodology and art of conducting classes.
  • Receiving yogic health and mindfulness benefits through an unbroken chain of successively intensifying practice from the 200 hour to 500 hour routine in a single, all-inclusive course.

What Do You Gain from the Course?

  • The prestigious status and recognition of a RYT 500 hour yoga course, accredited by Yoga Alliance, with the liberty to teach the pearls of yoga-Ayurveda wisdom out in the world in your own unique manner.
  • The opportunity to be embedded in a life and culture that revolves around spiritual progression at the school in Nepal. Various uplifting activities such as-- satsang or spiritual counsel with yoga gurus, karma yoga with community work, philanthropic initiations, self-practice, workshops, and various aspects of the shrama-style community living involved in the 500 hour yoga teacher training in Nepal will help you feel one with the spiritual cause.
  • Being a part of a global network of yoga enthusiasts, joyful travelers, and seekers on this journey will open avenues for many meaningful adventures to come.