200 hour yoga teacher training nepal

USD 1700

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training In Pokhara Nepal

Infinity Resort Pokhara Lake Side (Sedi Height), Pokhara
Rishikul Yogshala
28 Day
USD 1680

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Kathmandu Nepal

Sunrise Height, Raniban Road
Himalayan Yoga Academy
26 Days
USD 1600

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Certification Program in Nepal

Infinity Resort, Pokhara
27 Days
USD 1400

200 Hours Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Training at Kathmandu Nepal

Godavari - 8, Tanchintar (Gurukul Manokranti Matrix)
21 Days
USD 1700

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Certification in Pokhara Nepal

Infinity Resort, Pokhara, Nepal
Purna Yoga
27 Days

The majesty of the Greater Himalayas has been a propelling force for spiritual growth in the life of yogis since time immemorial. The ancient Indian seekers of moksha have been journeying to the snowbound heights to heighten their consciousness. Become a part of that age-old tradition in Nepal Himalayas this time, undergoing an in-depth reconnection with your inner core on the 200 hour yoga certification course in Nepal. The country of Nepal is guarded on all sides by mountains rising sky-high, the landscape dotted with coniferous forests along the foothills, glacial lakes glistening and reflecting the snowlines, and home to two of the world’s most venerated spiritual cultures. In Nepal was born Gautama Budhha, and here survived the tradition of the Natha yogis. To take your 200 hour yoga teacher training in this auspicious land means guidance under authentic instructors of the Indic spiritual tradition and exposure to the innate soulful wisdom of the hindu and buddhist people of Nepal in their simple, day to day way of life.

Commence on this transformative journey to gain knowledge of your being, to know the atman, the ‘self’ who is beyond material existence. By engaging at depth in the asanas, you would let your body grow agile and more conscious. The stresses of an exhaustive lifestyle often manifests in affected sleep patterns, joint pains, digestive, respiratory, or nervous disorders, or weight issues. Through the curriculum of 200 hr yoga teacher training in Nepal, it is possible to address the affliction of general wellbeing more holistically. Your esteemed teachers here will also be prescribing a number of Ayurveda approved lifestyle modifications, dietary changes, and herbal medication according to the nature of your affliction. The idea in this yoga-Ayurveda therapy is to heal from the very roots without having to undergo side-effect ridden invasive procedures.

Besides reclaiming wellness, participants are gratified with new career opportunities opening up with the Yoga Alliance certification awarded at the conclusion of the course. You can become a valid yoga teacher in any part of the world by graduating the 200 hour yoga teacher training in Nepal and begin a life of meaningful exchange with like-minded individuals by sharing your true and unique learning experience from yoga and establish yourself on a philanthropic and life-affirming, nevertheless, fiscally rewarding career path. Come on board, for the Himalayas is calling unto you!

Who Are Eligible to Join the 200 Hour YTT?

Deliberating whether you fit the bill to be a trainee on the 200 hour yoga teacher training course in Nepal? For starters, your enthusiasm and dedication to establish a lifelong practice of yoga counts!

Here’s what it takes--

  • You must be ready to take a month-long break to journey away from your comfort zone to undergo the learning in Nepal.
  • You could be practicing for some time or only a beginner in yoga, but there must be a desire to go more in-depth and receive a proper initiation and training in asana, meditation, and breathing.
  • You must be willing to adapt to a vegetarian food habit to ensure a healthy and purified mind-body countenance.
  • Trainees on the 200 hour yoga ttc must be committed to near 100% class attendance to make your time really worth it on the course.
  • You must be able to adjust with people who are complete strangers at the beginning of the course, the experience of community living under the same roof with fellow students is ultimately rewarding.
  • Participants must be moderately interested in textual studies from the yoga sutras, yoga history and philosophy as it forms a major part of the curriculum in 200 hour yoga teacher training certification.
  • Whether you are in for the cause of personal healing and development or oriented to advancing your professional qualification as a yoga teacher, there must be openness to participation in yoga workshops held at the end of the course.
  • You must be mentally prepared and remain fully committed to the increasing intensity of the sessions.

What Can You Learn from the 200 Hour YTT?

The 200 hour yoga teacher training Nepal holds an immense learning opportunity, as well as heal and reclaim mind-body wellness. A major motivation for taking the course should be the award of the Yoga Alliance affiliated 200 hour yoga certification in Nepal. As a committed trainee, here’s what you can expect to take away from the course--

  • Rejuvenation from the inside on following a regularized lifestyle, sattvic food, and deepened exercise.
  • Enhanced mindfulness with the meditative exercises introduced on the course.
  • Growing a more capable and confident physical posture as well as a positive attitude to life with health and self-love restored.
  • Developing meaningful connections with like-minded individuals on the 200 hour yoga teacher training in Nepal, that can go a long way as friendship or working association.
  • Visiting a part of the world the culture of which is rich with an innate spirituality even in the day to day life of the people.

What Do You Gain from the Course?

Become a more capable practitioner of the yogic discipline and explore the chances of establishing yourself as a valued teacher with the 200 hour yoga alliance teacher training in Nepal.