100 hour yoga teacher training nepal

USD 700

100 Hours Beginner Yoga Teacher Training in Kathmandu Nepal

Bypass, Goldhunga -5, at the Lap of Nagarjun Jungle
7 Days

Immerse in the grandeur and peacefulness of Nepal Himalayas on taking the next level step on your yoga journey. Unbound adventure, in-depth learning of yoga, and growing the ability to instruct others, are all part and parcel of a 100 hour YTTC in Nepal, and all of this within amazingly affordable time! The duration of the course is shorter and more concise than what’s offered in any other format of YTT. Nevertheless, the 100 hour term covers -- Hatha Yoga Asanas, Pranayama, Meditation, Alignment and Adjustment workshop, and the Kriyas.

While the overt materialistic attachment and soulless competition embedded in modern lifestyles happen to alienate individuals from their true selves, this brief 100 hour yoga break effectively restores and reorients. All the pent-up emotional and mindbody stress is tapped in and given vent, and participants experience a newfound zeal for life! Not only will you receive assistance in deepening your postures and break new grounds in reaching inwards with meditation, you will also be in the company of like-minded yoga souls in their enlightening presence. Welcome to two weeks worth of uplifting yoga, meditation, ayurvedic wellness rituals, and a happy yoga tribe to send unforgettable moments with. In the pouring good vibes, clean air, and heart winning scenic locales of Nepal, life is filled with optimism and new possibilities.

The cherry on top in this course is the RYT certification one gets on graduating. Affiliated with Yoga Alliance USA and International, the 100 hour yogis will be recognized across the globe as qualified instructors, yoga course designers, or meditation and wellness coaches. Whether you aspire as a teacher or merely interested in deepening your personal journey, ‘teaching methodology’ workshops offered in this course are designed to promote interactive learning and boost the confidence of learning yogis to great lengths. There’s no way that you would get bored too, a number of nature trips scheduled between classes shall keep you thumping with adrenalin and keep alive the curiosity of a hearty traveler. Be the yogi and hippie on heels that you are!

Who Are Eligible to Join 100 Hour YTT?

100 Hour YTT is the briefest course for enthusiasts achieve an extra mile on their personal yoga-meditation journey and also earn a RYT qualification. Go for the 100 hours if you are crunched for time and unable to take a more elaborate course. Here are the eligibility criteria--

  • Beginners in yoga deserve a systematic start for founding a life-long practice, and the 100 Hour course design makes it possible.
  • Self practitioners requiring adjustments and alignments for their postures and posture modification guidance.
  • Followers of Ayurvedic wellness, to enhance their wellness quotient with the yogic advantage.
  • Trekking and travelling lovers looking to get a glimpse into the gorgeous Himalayan kingdom of Nepal.

What You Learn from the 100 Hour YTT?

The 100 Hour YTTC is thoroughly comprehensive of all the yoga basics -- the postures, pranayama, breathworks, and meditation. The curriculum focuses beyond physical practices, bringing to the table various interweaved readings in Yoga History and Philosophy from ancient sutras followed by sessions of lively discussions.

It is interesting to note how tenets such as ‘selfless action’ or karma, ahimsa or non-violence, or the three-fold method of contemplation through sravana-manana-nididhyasana of yogic principles find application in day to day life while on the 100 Hour retreat. Participants on this journey are thus reoriented to a more spiritually fulfilling way of life.

Here’s what you take away from the program:

  • Hatha postures -- Participants are initiated into the primary series which is then perfected over the days. Corrections and modification, adjustment and alignment for the ease of each individual, hatha sequencing for optimizing the benefits of the postures, and breath-movement synchrony is underlined in this segment.
  • Pranayama -- To bring your focus upon breath. This is a type of meditation technique that involves ways of controlling the process of inhalation and exhalation, with the goal of being able to withdraw one’s senses from the outside world, or channel the awareness inwards. Pranayama is known to raise one’s vital energy or prana, up the spine and unto the sixth chakra (realm of energy) that brings enlightenment.
  • Enabling one to cope in a world of burgeoning stress, meditation offers the time to relax and maximize awareness. Learn how to engage in Mindfulness Meditation, Breath Awareness Meditation, and Yoga Nidra Meditation on this course.
  • Three nourishing meals a day with calculated portions of carbohydrates and plant protein, along with plenty of hydration, salads, soups, and herbed delicacies.
  • Detox massages and ayurvedic oil spas to restore health in your skin and hair.

What Do You Gain from the Course?

An internationally valid RYT status, a healed and detoxified mind-body constitution, and a burst of inspiration from within to follow a healthy and positively motivated life ahead would be the outcome of this brief but comprehensive yoga journey. Graduate 100 Hour YTT with flying colors!