Yoga Retreat in Pokhara Nepal

Come voyaging to the Elysian holy homeland of the Gautama Buddha in Nepal where every morning is a window into higher possibilities and practicing yoga in this naturally meditative space in the nook of the Himalayas can truly unlock an immense fountain of blissful energy all within. Bathe in the bliss and beauty of the Himalayan highs, nurture on the nutritive food from our Ayurvedic kitchen, and yoga to de-stress your body-mind as the clouds glide by over the Blue Mountains in our Yoga Retreat Nepal. Journey inwards and unite with your pure consciousness.


Instilled with a deep sense of tranquility, Nepal is a land of spiritual riches and a widely taken pilgrimage of peace seekers from the globe over. The sacred premise of the Pashupatinath Temple, the Boudhanath Stupa, the holy shrine of Swayambhunath, and more such glorious sites have a magnetic pull for those on the path of seeking. These are places where divinity reveals in earthly manifestations and lights up the path of inner search for those on the seeking.

Besides exploring sites of archeological and spiritual importance, Nepal has a plenty to offer for your thirst for adventure. Numerous mountain trails winding up the high slopes, lakes, forests, and riversides of picturesque brilliance and an array of rich flora and fauna to mesmerize you, it is a place to grow close with nature and find peace in its embrace.

Immersive yoga and meditation in a land so endowed is just what you should be looking forward to on your yoga vacations in Nepal, coming out rejuvenated, feeling strong at the core, and a distressed mind feeling calm and collected.

Highlights of the Yoga Retreat in Nepal

  • Reach your spiritual core with self-practice to the backdrop of Pokhara’s mountain magnificence on this Yoga Retreat in Nepal 2018.
  • Learn the valuable ways of holistic healing, health care, and mind-body relaxation to aid you on your days of stress.
  • An opportunity to learn the traditional values of Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga, Pranayama, and Laughter Yoga from none other than the Indian masters of the art.
  • Find a deep connection with nature that is part of you and of which you are a part
  • Utilize the wealth of Ayurvedic massage and other techniques for beauty, wellness, and relaxation
  • Read under guidance from original yoga texts to grasp the philosophy and theoretical basis of yoga
  • Cleansing from the inside-out to boost energy levels
  • Three delectable meals with carefully chosen nutrients to keep you in the pink on your days of yoga retreat Pokhara Nepal with us
  • Gratifying accommodation at the resort looking over the Phewa Lake
  • Revel in the happiness of forming exceptional bonds with fellow participants, brilliant yoga teachers, and followers of the lifestyle on this yoga trip in Nepal

Yoga Retreat Program in Nepal

  • Fresh and wholesome appetizing Sattvic meals, three a day
  • Meditation every day to put you in the habit, twice daily
  • Body purification techniques undertaken for an hour, with Yoga Therapy applications daily
  • Ayurvedic Therapy for re-balancing doshas and correcting vitiations
  • Restorative Yoga at a slow pace
  • Spinal complications addressed with Yoga Therapy
  • Hot and Cold effect therapy
  • Massage targeted the glands to ensure proper functioning
  • Two Ayurvedic Abhyanga massages to freshen you up
  • In-depth Ayurvedic consultations and therapy for body-mind issues
  • Demonstration Yogic Cooking classes
  • Observing the Sun on your Yoga Nepal Retreat with Surya Namaskara and Pranayama
  • A vision of beauty on earth with Phewa Lake visit
  • Mountain trekking in the Annapurna Range
  • Cleaning the lakeside as part of your Karma Yoga
  • Observing moonrise at Sarangkot Valley to meditate


Our Yoga ashram in Nepal is a cozy place for humble yogis with an everlasting view of the mountains, the mesmeric Phewa Lake close by, and spacious rooms to accommodate for single to shared occupants. There is TV, wardrobes, dressers, private washroom with hot water facility, twin beds, and telephone for installed amenities. One can also use Wi-Fi to stay connected with the world. The place is perfect to enjoy a panoramic view of the mountains at different times of the day. Sit back and relax, or engage in self-led practice and meditation.



A healthy diet is important for any yogic discipline. We serve carefully cooked meals on this best yoga retreat in Nepal with balance nutrition, superlative taste, and the secret ingredients of Indian culinary to remember by. Nourishing salads, hot soup for the cold nights, and Ayurvedic guna-rich vegetarian fares are always on the menu. We also have the best mix of juices, hot beverages, and herbal teas to keep you hydrated.

How to Reach Us in Pokhara Nepal?

By Air: You can fly to Nepal by reaching the Tribhuvan International airport in Kathmandu. From the airport, you may take a cab or a bus to reach our center in Pokhara.

By Road: You can journey to our center in Pokhara by road from India though a number of entry points like Kakarbhitta (West Bengal), Biratnagar (Bihar), Birgunj (Bihar), Sunauli, Nepalgunj, Dhanagadi, and Mahendranagar (across the border of Uttar Pradesh). Buses are available from these points.

Taxi Pickup: We would love to provide you our airport cab pickup services at an extra cost and prior information.

Outcomes of the Yoga Retreat Program in Nepal

  • Attain higher consciousness physically, psychically, and spiritually through classical yoga practices
  • Go in-depth with the learning of Hatha and Ashtanga yoga in Nepal’s pristine surroundings
  • Learn and flourish in the company of spiritually intelligent people on this yoga retreat vacation in Nepal with us
  • Be of service in the larger scheme of life through our karma yoga projects in Nepal and feel blessed.