Yoga Is Great In Helping You To Heal Your Body

The body is a self-healing organism, so it’s really about clearing things out of the way so the body can heal itself.

Barbara Brennan

Truly said, our body is designed with the ability to heal itself, which needs time, practice and love. At times, we need sources and methods to trigger the defense mechanism of the body to protect or heal itself. Yoga is the apt way of helping the body to get healed applying holistic approach.

We usually feel separated from our own body and self when we’re in pain or trauma. The practice of yoga, transforms our relationship with the body, clears things, makes us feel better and heals it. The feeling of wholeness and completion that the holistic art herald is not merely a result of breath and body movement connection, it occurs through the process of sheer dedication towards the practice.

Many scientific studies, nodded to the yogic methods that do help the body to heal. Name the issue, and there is a clinical perspective of yoga, healing most of the disease. Yet there is no or little understanding and awareness on how exactly the process of yogic heals works.

A Relationship between Yoga, Stress and Disease

Many researchers have proved that most of the illness and ailments occur due to stress, and are related to lifestyle. Diseases like depression, irritable bowel syndrome, cardiovascular condition, autoimmune diseases, reproductive problem, distorted immunity, OCD and even some types of diabetes have been connected to overactive stress. 

The way we feel during stress is the result of the sympathetic nervous system or the flight or fight response. Mostly the body goes through fluctuations in blood pressure, a surge in heart rate, sweating, tensed muscles, etc. For the short term, stress reaction is fine for the body, but longer and consistent exposure to it limits the body’s healing ability.

This is when yoga supports the body by clearing the blockage and re-connecting you with self by emphasizing on long and deep breathing, relaxation activities, meditation and asana practice.

Yoga helps to Rest and Renew

With the set of practices, yoga activates the parasympathetic nervous system and the ‘rest and renew’ response. As per many studies, it has shown that practice of yoga reduces the level of cortisol ‘the stress hormone’ in the body, and also reduces the mind responsiveness to the stressors decreasing the intensity of flight and fight response. The whole process helps the body to regain its potential to heal improving the body’s inherent healing abilities.

Know yourself Deeply

Knowing yourself on a deeper level is another way to get healed with yoga. Take the practice beyond the physical fixation and feel better about self every day. Embrace the whole practice on a deeper level starting from developing a healthy body and work gradually on a mental, emotional and spiritual level. Yoga is ultimately about the transition, as it transforms your relationship with the body and inner self.

Yoga Pretzel

Yoga is indeed a great help in order to heal the body completely crediting to its amazing practices. Yoga asana plays a great role in the same, as the inverting, bending, twisting and compressing which occur during the practice of poses are liable to enhance circulation in the body both of blood and pranic flow. The increase in circulation delivers the needful materials that improve the body’s ability of self-healing and also activates the lymphatic system that maintains the functioning of the immune system.

Appreciate the Body

Yoga is surely great in helping you to heal your body.  The practice encourages the body and mind to work together acknowledging the strength to use it to achieve the goals. Yoga lets you achieve the treasure of wellness. The practice appreciates the body as a whole with each effective change. At the same time, the holistic practice acknowledges the body limitations. So, instead of forcing you to push, it allows you to explore and then treat.

Yoga Heals the Body

Yoga poses and other yogic practices help the body to stay healthy both internally and externally from imparting muscle flexibility to skin glow, yoga heals the body completely. Being devotional and consistent in practice encourages you to live a life of wellness. The development of awareness, understanding of the discipline and being conscious, helps to modify the behavior making it more positive.

  • Yoga awakens the consciousness to make better food choices.
  • Ignites the healing abilities that lie within.
  • Regular practice helps improving better strength and flexibility.
  • Improves body balance and posture to prevent falling injury risk.
  • Maintains youth for longer by preventing the sign of aging and early aging.
  • Loosens stiff muscles which do wonders for your joint health.
  • Yoga improves muscle functioning and flexibility that help to spark sex life.
  • Re-balances the body to get rid of extra weight, reduces inflammation, relieves PMS or premenstrual syndrome, and other chronic ailments.

These are only a fraction of the ways yoga heals the body effectively, delving deep into the practice benefits you to the core.

Yoga is a way of living, a therapy that provides strong support to the body to get it healed making lifestyle better.