Why You should Visit Nepal in the Month of October


Mountains, tea plantations, spiritual sites and friendly people -- there isn’t a thing about Nepal that is not admirable.

The beautiful natural scenery and the benevolent climate of Nepal are enough to allure millions to its lap. The soaring Himalayas offers world’s best trekking, mountaineering and self-inquiry opportunities, while the breathtaking plains are an abode to various wildlife and plant species. Elsewhere, there’s an array of adventures and soul-thrilling activities seeking us.

But to every visitor, wanderer and trekker, the best of Nepal is characterized by its intangible qualities, the spiritual feeling. The moment you step a foot on the land of Nepal you sense divinity unfolding within. From the Namaste greetings to the echoes of holy mantras, divinity can be felt everywhere and all time in Nepal.

The experience of being in the land of Nepal is indescribable. It can only be felt with the heart and can be sensed with the senses. So, begin your journey of experiencing Nepal with us in the month of October. Yes, October is the chosen month for visiting the land of Nepal.

Find out, what’s so exclusive about October month in Nepal?

1. Witness Best of Nature: Nepal is heavenly blessed with natural creations, which are at their best in the month of October. The monsoon season in Nepal commences from the month of June and stays roughly till August-September. The rains wash away the gloom and make way for clear blue skies, pleasant temperatures, freshness and greater visibility. The cool and crisp Nepal weather makes the practice of yoga asanas and meditation more soothing. In the shady embrace of lush green trees and on the comforting ground, delve in yoga poses and experience new depths and rejuvenation. The peaceful atmosphere compliments nature walks, outdoor activities and more. Therefore, October month is chosen for experiencing nature at its best when in Nepal.

2. Enlivening Trekking Experience: The phrase ‘Adventures fill your soul’ comes alive when in Nepal for trekking activities. The destination of Nepal is blessed with high altitudes making it the trekking paradise of the world. Due to the coolness of weather in October, trekking options become much more feasible. Unlike, the summers that drench you in sweat making it hard and uncomfortable for you to take your voyage, October ensure that you have a relaxed trekking expedition. Also, the many rain showers of monsoon season paint the landscape in hues of vibrant colors, which is an absolute treat for the eyes. As you pass the local villages while trekking, you can witness the fresh verdant, green agriculture fields and warm smiles that heals you internally and motivates you for the challenging expedition ahead.

3. Unearthing the Spiritual Roots: It would not be wrong to say, Nepal is the effortless synonym of spirituality. Firstly, the land is the home to many temples, gompas, pagodas where traditional meditation practices can be learned. Secondly, from the food to the daily activities, everything reflects a spiritual aura that is hard to escape. The monasteries in Nepal are the perfect symbols of beauty and tranquility, which are further magnified by the October charms. The soothing winds that blow in October make the practice of meditation at the Kopan monastery, Shechen monastery, Chhairo Gompa an experience of profound serenity and divinity.

4. Devour Spicy Foods: Nepalese cuisine is warm and spicy. Devouring hot and spicy delicacies in the month of October, which is cold and pleasant, shall keep you cozy. When in Nepal during October, gorge on steaming hot delicacies of momo, Thukpa, Sel Roti, Dal Bhat, Gorkhali Lamb and more. These dishes are prepared with intense ingredients and spices that are filling and tasty to eat.

5. Exploring Pokhara: Pokhara, the lakeside town in Nepal attracts tourists, yogis, nature lovers, and adrenaline junkies with its spectacular beauty and holiness. The town also offers an array of adventure opportunities, is a gateway to the popular trek of Annapurna circuit and home to several yoga schools. October is one of the peak months to enroll in yoga teacher training programs in Nepal. Owing to the conducive climatic conditions, the month of October witnesses greater footfall of yogis willing to undergo yoga teacher training in Pokhara Nepal. Experience a transformation in the holy town of Pokhara with yoga teacher training during October in Nepal.

6. Safari in Chitwan National Park: Even for the wildlife enthusiasts, the month of October is ideal and has something desirable to offer. Take a safari to the National Chitwan Park in Nepal and witness the best of sightings in the autumn bliss. The sightings include kingfisher, paradise flycatcher, tigers, elephants and more species of wildlife.

On the whole, October makes for an ideal month to experience incredible Nepal. Make it happen!