Why Yoga is Great to Heal Your Body


We won't be wrong if we say yoga helps us with weight loss but we aren’t completely correct. Yoga not only just helps us in weight loss but it also works in mysterious ways for the body, mind, and soul. You must be aware of the fact that a lot of celebrities, people and even doctors are molding themselves towards the aids of yoga. Apart from detoxifying your body from harmful effects, it detoxifies antagonism and over extension from your mind and empowers the soul with everything pure, positive, etc. We all are somehow perceptive of what yoga does to our mind, body, and soul; in the following blog let us broaden our perspective towards yoga so that we can be cognizant of how yoga heals your body.

In the present scenario, yoga is used to cure not only weight loss, high blood pressure, joints pain etc. but also cures the diseases that were once considered incurable including cancer, Parkinson’s disease, sclerosis, lung diseases etc.

To unearth the reasons for the same numerous medical research were done. It was concluded that most of the illnesses or diseases suffered by a human is linked directly with stress. The remaining illnesses and diseases are caused in order to counterbalance the stress which bags cardio-vascular diseases, anxiety and depression, obsession-compulsion disorder, autoimmune diseases, irritable bowel syndrome, issues in the reproductive system.

Let us try to understand the anatomy of stress from a medical perspective. Stress is produced by the sympathetic nervous system allowing efflux of heart activity, blood pressure, sweating, short breath, muscle tension etc.

Inside the body, it is counterbalanced as a shut down in the digestion of food and elimination of waste, reduced flow of blood to the internal organs. If this counterbalance is for a period of time it is considered healthy as the body gets to prepare itself for the future. But, if the stress is exposed for a longer period, it is harmful to the body as it clearly means pressure on the natural limit of the body in excess and its counterbalance.

Here, yoga will let you be the driver of your breath where you can administer your breathes when you are stressed which is the basic yet a crucial thing to start with. Calming your breathe lets you broaden your mind and allows your heart to be relaxed in stressed situations. Calm breathes allows your heart to pump proper blood and oxygen to your brain and body blocking the negativity within.

So, by paying attention to your breathing one can overcome the effects of stress. Relieve from stress will reconstruct your mind and eventually will add happiness to your life. With a clearer mind, you will be able to focus on your goals, strengths, and self.

A healthier mind will obviously cultivate new ideas, opportunities, and positivity and lets you reflect the same into the environment.

A healthier mind is accompanied by a healthier body. Now that the mind is healed it is the body that needs to be healed. What exactly this healing power of the body means?

Of course, we know practicing yoga on a daily basis increases strength and flexibility, corrects the postures and imparts balance to the body etc. Yet there are few things that you might not be aware of i.e. the twists and turns in postures of yoga relaxes and body muscles and allows proper movement of blood and body fluids which is elementary for the proper functioning of the body. The nutrients required by the body are spread through blood circulation which ensures the healing of the body. The definite circulation of body fluids incorporates concrete functioning of the lymphatic, as well as inflammation response. The circulation removes the blockage in the lymphatic system. The removal of blockage allows inflammation responses to act in the body and eventually improves the immune system of the body.

The healthier immune system protects your body from alien sources and heals your body. This process improves the overall bodily function along with musculoskeletal diseases such as osteoporosis, arthritis etc.

With appropriate yoga training, one can not only heal the mind but also the body. Healed mind and body brings happiness, positivity, willingness, youth, peace etc. which fulfils the need of your soul. An active mind, body, and soul are inter-related and therefore, act as a bridge between them.

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