Why Should You Visit Nepal in The Month of January


The magnificent Himalayas - a powerhouse of breathtaking memories! The scintillating trails of the world’s largest mountain - an assembly of splendid experiences. Nepal is undoubtedly synonymous to the feeling of benediction in the midst of tremendous greenery. All throughout the year, the country is filled with travelers from all over the world. Tourists of all tastes and choices can be found in the Himalayan kingdom. Although there is not a particular time to visit the country of Nepal, January is something of great memories. Here, we talk about why the beginning month of the year is considered the best time to pay a visit to Nepal.

1. Calm and cool environment

January is the month of winter in Nepal. Most of the tourists prefer to visit in this season, especially the westerners. Since January keeps visitors away from the chilling heat of the summer season, globetrotters find no reason to avoid this month when planning for a vacation in Nepal. Nepal is a mountain-dominated country with tons of hills and valleys. It requires a source of inspiration from the environment to explore the nation. Summers can make you tired in no time while winters are quite inspiring. The chilly winds coming from the Himalayas provoke you to get enticed by the delight of Mother Nature in a fascinating way.

2. More snow, more beauty

Since Nepal sits on the lap of the Himalayas, winter months bring snow to different parts of the country. If you stay in Kathmandu and wish to visit places with snowfall then, there are plenty of options. Phulchoki located at a distance of 20 km towards the Southeast of the capital usually receives heavy snowfall during the month of January. Apart from that, Nagarkot which an hour long drive away from Kathmandu frequently receives snowfall during the winter months and also offers spectacular views of the some of the Himalayan giants like, Mount Everest, Cho Oyu, Makalu, Lhotse, etc. Also, places like Daman, Kalinchowk and Chandragiri are frequented by travelers willing to enjoy some playful time in the snows.  

3. A Different Experience of Trekking

Nepal is a heaven for trek lovers. During the month of winter when snows cover the upper regions of the mountains, trekking becomes a challenging yet exciting venture. To tread on the snow covered trails is an experience in itself and that too in freezing temperatures. However, to trek in the Himalayas in the month of January, adequate clothing and gears are required. A trek to the Annapurna Base Camp is a good idea during the winters but, there are times when the trail gets blocked by avalanche. So, the best idea is to hire an experienced guide who is well-aware of the conditions and dangers.

4. Meet with a diversity of the population

Since the season of January is so ideal for tourists, you will find a large number of travelers in Nepal. These tourists come from all corners of the world. This is one of the finest beauties of Nepal that it helps you come close to people of different faiths, languages, and ideologies. The place you will stay at might also accommodate people from different corners of the globe. You will have a chance to make friends with them and know about the cultural diversity of the globe. The presence of so many people on the trekking trails inspires you. When you see a large population enjoying the blissfulness of Yoga retreat, your visit looks quite fascinating. Nepal is certainly the biggest site of tourists’ congregation on the planet.

5. Clear weather, pleasant sightseeing- photographer’s paradise

January brings a clear blue sky with its arrival. Winter season comes with pleasant weather that is ideal for sightseeing. Since the modern way of traveling includes a camera and photographing, the time is close to perfect for a visit. If you are a photographer, travel blogger or photojournalist, do not miss the opportunity to explore Nepal in January. Visiting Nepal in the first month of the year is among the most amazing experiences one can get. The pleasant environment allows you to savor the taste of nature in the most astonishing way. There are tons of places to explore in Nepal such as Chitwan National Park, Boudhanath Stupa, Pashupatinath Temple, etc. These sites look extremely beautiful in the incredible weather.

6. Experience something more

In addition to the above delights, there is no shortage of things to do in Nepal. In the chilling cold environment, witnessing the frigid river water with rafting is an unforgettable set of moments. Many tourists claim that they get something bigger and better than they experience in any other months of the year. Praying in the numerous temples adorns life with devotion. If you are willing to behold the personification of magnificence, set your foot on the sacred soil of Nepal in January.