Why Should You Visit Nepal in the Month of December


The blog describes some of the incredible reasons and benefits of holidaying in Nepal in the month of December.

Located in the couthy lap of the Himalayas, Nepal is the warehouse of stunning experiences. Being the birthplace of Gautama Buddha, the country and its diverse culture welcome all those who want to witness the unexplored layers of this astonishing land with both arms open. All around the year, Nepal seems like a travel fair, thanks to an abundance of natural and religious sites the landlocked nation boasts. Whether you are an adventure addict or a nature lover, Nepal has something for each and every individual who set his/her foot on its soil. Special mention is needed for Yoga enthusiasts, who hold an unbreakable bond with the Himalayan kingdom, owing to Nepal’s opulent yogic heritage. Depending on the environmental and personal choice of different travelers, people visit during various times of the year, but December is the month that holds immense importance and comes with tons of opportunities for all kinds of tourists. Let’s discuss why last month of the year is so worthy for visiting Nepal.

Pleasant weather

Everybody wants to travel to a location with an awesome weather that is friendly to the physical and mental health. The climatic condition of Nepal is quite favorable for travelers throughout the year. But, Nepal weather in December is extremely beautiful and congruous with the environment of Northern Eurasia and North America. Since this is the time of winter in the Indian subcontinent, the temperature remains within a range of 34-50 Fahrenheit. While summers can be tiring for tourists, they can find peace in December’s tropical weather.

Less crowd and Hustle Bustle

In the month of December, you will not find many heads on the streets of Nepal making it easy for the travelers to roam around the towns with ease. You do not need to wait for public transports, and life in Nepal seems to be at its beautiful best. If you are a peace lover and want to explore Nepal with not much crowd, plan your holiday in December.

A Remarkable Time to Relish the Goodness of Yoga and Ayurveda

Nepal is one of the world’s biggest hubs of Yoga education and Ayurveda treatment. Like India, Yoga in Nepal is an integral part of local culture. The glimpse of yogic teachings can be caught at almost every part of the country, for it is home to more than thousands of Yoga centers. In the month of December, the practice of Yoga becomes a blissful artwork. Furthermore, the ayurvedic medicines work in their full vigor in an equitable climate that this season offers. Indulge in Meditation overlooking the picturesque mountains and bless yourself with the purest knowledge of the spiritual sciences along with making tons of memories in a nation that has a traditional attachment with Yoga and spirituality.

Visiting in off-season keeps your pocket healthy

Saving your hard-earned money is an art that everybody wants to learn. If you want to relish the beauty of Nepal, its yogic elegance, and spiritual heritage without worrying about the burden on your pocket, December is probably the best time. Since, it is an off-season time of the year; you will get good hotels at affordable rates and spend a substantial amount on traveling, spiritual well-being and trekking. Yoga schools during this time, bring various kinds of offers and discounts that you can avail easily to make your vacation even more memorable.

Natural Beauty in Abundance

The charm and grandeur of Nepal makes the country a traveler’s heaven in December. During this time, you will witness a young and fascinating image of Nepal. Winters come with snowfalls that make the mountain peaks extremely awe-inspiring and alluring to behold and meditate. When the Himalayan range gets garnished with the snowy whiteness, it is tremendously pleasing to watch. Opening your peepers in the morning just to have a glimpse of the scattering sun rays reflecting from the milky mirror of the mountains is an astonishing experience that you will remember for ages.

An ideal season for adrenaline players

Nepal turns into a kingdom of heaven in December when it comes to enjoying adventure activities the Himalayas. Adventurous sports are extremely popular in this South Asian nation. You can get a thrilling experience of being in the middle of huge rivers with River rafting. Pokhara is by far the most sought-after place for adventure and enjoyment. Behold the greenery of Nepal’s vegetation while flying high in the sky with paragliding in Pokhara. A jungle safari in Chitwan National Park or Bardia National Park will let you experience the hidden natural gems of Nepal. The perfect climate of Nepal in December will encourage you to fill your life with titillation and enjoyment.