Why Should One Visit Nepal in the Month of March


Spring—a great time to feel alive, isn’t it? The whole world looks like a fresh bouquet of the brightest colors, greeting all of us with new energy. The time of spring gets several travelers going as the air is fresh, the birds are singing, and it’s undoubtedly the best time of the year that gets us excited about life.

Several South Asian countries become the hub of vacation for many who find trekking and exploring to be fun. Nepal is a place which inspires adventurous trekkers to experience the thrill of climbing base camps of Mount Everest. Some like to challenge themselves and aim for the summit.

But there’s more to the beauty of Mount Everest, it’s the Buddhist and Hindu elements of religion that brings several pilgrims of life to this place. The wonderful temples, having survived unforgiving earthquakes, continue to captivate the imagination of several tourists. Nepal has much to offer to those who simply want to fill their wanderlust.

The best time to visit Nepal is in March as winter’s cold makes way for a friendlier spring breeze, and colors the valleys with blooming flowers. The lush greenery of Nepal has an unforgettable charm to it.

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Several trekkers choose popular trekking camps such as Annapurna, Manaslu, Ghorepani Poon Hill, etc., most especially in spring to enjoy the walks. The trails are quieter, with ample greenery to allow for happy walking. Once summits are reached, breathtaking views seem like the best reward of the whole journey and the credit goes to the abundance of the spring season.

Spring in Nepal is for all those who like to travel on a budget. Flights get economical around this time and the stays are affordable too. The advantages of spring hopping in Nepal are that the food and lodging cost half of what one is expected to pay the rest of the year. The budget-friendly trip allows for more enjoyment and backpacking becomes a memorable experience for travelers.

If you’ve heard of the Hindu festival Holi, then spring vacation in Nepal is the best thing you can do while touring. The festival of colors is celebrated all over the country and the whole vibe is truly inviting to visitors from across the globe.

The beauty of old Kathmandu has held several tourists captive, especially when spring is in its element. The humdrum of the city is fused with temples and Buddhist Stupas as rhododendrons bloom in the valleys. Such remarkable sights embalm the soul, numbed due to decay in the city lifestyle.

Nepal has a list of places you can visit, depending on your preference for peace. Chitwan National Park is for those who want to marvel at the beauty of spring while spotting the majestic Bengal tiger and several birds of beauty. Royal rhinos also dot the greenery to enchant the tourists even more. Walking in Chitwan National park is no walk in the park as longer trails may exhaust those who’re traveling all day. So, plan your itinerary accordingly.

Lumbini, Buddha’s birthplace, is an ideal way to end the springtime pilgrimage. The tranquility of Buddha’s city is unmatched as it leads the traveler towards several monasteries and pilgrim sites that offer a deeper insight into the history of Buddhism. Lumbini has a lot to offer to those who seek spiritual guidance in their lives. Maya Devi temple is one such place that recreates the aura of spiritual grounding as it’s said that Gautam Buddha was born exactly in the same spot where the temple stands now.

Bhaktapur is an architectural delight as it has the world’s most beautiful temples that continue to mesmerize travelers from around the world. 2015’s earthquake destroyed several sites of religious importance, yet, one can find immense beauty in what’s left behind.

Traveling to Pokhara, one of Nepal’s most visited sites is worth every penny, especially during the spring season. The popular lake Phewa Tal overlooks the beautiful mountains and you can hop into the traditional boats, also known as Doongas, to enjoy the beauty of Phewa Tal lake.

If temple-spotting is your ambition, then visiting Patan in spring is the best thing you can do while touring Nepal. The breathtaking sculptures and temples carved by the artists of history can take your breath away. Although much has been lost to the earthquakes of 2015, the aura of what Nepalese call “the city of beauty” is sustained.

The Boudhanath Stupa is another architectural marvel which symbolizes true enlightenment. The beauty and spiritual meaning of this stupa goes far back in time and having survived the Mughal invasion, it still manages to cultivate a sense of peace and tranquility in a visitor. Complement the gentle breeze of spring with this Stupa and consider your trip to Nepal fulfilled.

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