Why Nepal is best for Spiritual Retreat


The land of ancient ruins, rich culture, and sacred nature-- Nepal has witnessed the comings of many saints, wandering yogis, and warrior leaders. With temples glistening in every corner, an atmosphere perfumed with soothing incense, and streets’ echoing with chants--Nepal is the destination of spiritual enlightenment and bliss.

On spiritual retreat in Nepal, experience the transcendent beauty, feel the kindness of people, heal your body and soul and press the spiritual reset button.

1. Trek the Spiritually Breathtaking Himalayas: Nepal is the land graced by the sacred Himalayas and the snow-towering peaks. During your spiritual retreat in Nepal, spend your week trekking the breathtaking Annapurna-- eponymous of Goddess Annapurna. The beautiful hiking trails of this mountain are the veins and arteries extending life to the country of Nepal. The breathtaking trails are lined with fluttering prayer flags and the chant of Namaste is constant. So, as you journey the steep and treacherous Annapurna circuit, you unearth Nepal’s spiritual side.

2. Soak up the Spiritual Vibes at Boudhanath Stupa: Nepal is the loving home to many golden temples, pagodas, and gompas which are important tourists as well as divine places of attraction. The Boudhanath Stupa is the largest and holiest in Nepal. The snow-white dome and all-seeing eyes of Buddha make for an impressive site and when viewed from above the stupa, transforms into a shape of a massive mandala and a tribute to Buddha’s path to enlightenment. Soak in the divine energy of Boudhanath temple by lighting a butter candle, spinning the 108 prayer wheels, and sending a prayer to whom you wish.

3. Meditate at Swayambhunath Stupa: Find peace and connect with your spiritual side through the art of meditation at Swayambhunath Stupa in Nepal. Also, famous as ‘Monkey Temple’ because holy monkeys call it their home, Swayambhunath sits on a hilltop offering panoramic views of the glorious Kathmandu. Avowed as the place of faith and harmony for centuries, it is the perfect destination to practice meditation. During your best spiritual retreat in Nepal, seize the opportunity to meditate at one of the holiest places-- Swayambhunath and hum the sacred “Om Mani Padme Hum” to contact with your spiritual guide.

4. Witness the Mesmerizing Rituals at Pashupatinath: On your spiritual vacation in Nepal, visit the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site of Pashupatinath temple. Along with being a religious spot, it is the famous historical and cultural place because it displays a variety of styles of temples like dome style, shikhara style, and so much more. The temple is located just along the Bagmati river bank, where the Bagmati aarti takes place. During the Bagmati Aarti, the holy men offer prayers to the Hindu deity of transformation Shiva by illuminating ghee lamps and the crowd dance and sing together in worship, and it’s hard to resist being swept in the positive and spiritually stimulating vibes.

5. Awaken the Soul in Lumbini: The best yoga retreat in Nepal is your chance to visit the historic birthplace of Lord Buddha, the Lumbini. Within the sacred Mayadevi gardens of Lumbini, there are over 25 international Buddhist monasteries and centers where you can gain and practice traditional Buddhist meditation art. Mayadevi temple is one of the important sites in the Lumbini garden where you can imbibe the message of peace and humanity.

6. Be a Pilgrim in Nepal: Nepal is a naturally blessed land with a history dating back to thousands of years and many oldest religious sites. From centuries, the religious sites in Nepal have been regarded as holiest places to find salvation by Hindus and Buddhists. When you take a spiritual retreat in Nepal, visit the pilgrimage sites and feel physical, mentally, and spiritually renewed.

7. The Land of Yoga and Meditation: The Pokhara in Nepal is a beautiful town with Annapurna ranges in the background, flowing Phewa Lake, and bountiful of yoga and meditation centers where you can learn, understand, and practice yoga to feel spiritually aroused during a spiritual retreat in Nepal.

Awaken your body, mind, and soul to divinity and positivity with a best spiritual retreat in Nepal. May spirituality live in your hearts forever!