Which is The Best Yoga Retreat in Nepal


Nepal, yoga, and spirituality go hand in hand, and in recent years the country has gained immense popularity as one of the ideal destinations for yogic getaways. The ancient land of holistic art, Nepal boasts diverse terrain, breathtaking views, tranquil ambiance, and yoga schools.

Being the birthplace of Buddha, Nepal is a dream destination for those who crave for soulful escapade seeking spiritual and yogic upliftment. Amidst the snow-capped mountains work on building strong inner-connection, focus on yoga practice, and discover the part of you that you didn’t know even existed.

Nepal is a beautiful and heavenly land that welcomes you to transpire the ancient art while rejuvenating the body, mind, and soul.

Being a land with a yogic legacy the country is a popular yogic hub offering hundreds of options for a soulful escapade. Making the task of choosing the best easy, we have listed down the six most popular yoga retreats in Nepal.

1. Purna Yoga Retreat

Experience the rejuvenating getaway in traditional style in the land of lakes and caves. Purna Yoga Retreat is nestled in the hillside in Pokhara, bestowing you breathtaking views of the Annapurna Range making your stay memorable. The center is a Resort Spa Hotel that dedicates itself to yoga and meditation programs. The activities are designed carefully for the aspirants who are looking for starting a new adventure, deepen the practice, relax and more.

Stop By: Pokhara, Nepal

Offerings: Yoga Retreat, Detox Retreat, Four Stage Colon Cleanse, Weight Loss Retreat, 200 Hour

Special Programs: Massage, Cooking course, Sound Healing, Lomi Lomi Bodywork, Mandala Making Workshop, Yoga Trekking, Sunrise Yoga Tour, and more.

Duration: 3- 21 days retreat  

2. Tushita Yoga and Meditation Retreats

Known to be an ideal retreat resort in the valley of Pokhara, Tushita Yoga and Meditation is settled near Phewa Lake giving you panoramic views of the Annapurna range. Relish the breathtaking sunrise and twilight on a full moon night that leaves the mountain ranges looking scintillating. The resort offers both retreats and yoga teacher training with given instructions in English and Japanese.

Stop By: Pokhara, Nepal

Offerings: Yoga Retreat and Yoga Teacher Training

Special Programs: Great Realization, Yoga Tour and Treks, Beyond your Smile, Yoga Festivals, Karma and Action, etc.

Duration: Range from 4-day retreat to 30 days teacher training

3. Sadhana Yoga Retreat

This is one of the oldest in Pokhara Nepal and has been providing its amazing yoga services for 20 years. The center depicts a family story emerging from one yogi’s dream and a retreat here lets you relish the flavors of tradition, culture, and spirituality. Here we practice yoga to feel better, ignite awareness, bring happiness and peace, and deliver every element to the students with love and passion. Feel at home and relax at the comfy atmosphere of Sadhana in natural open space of the resort.

 Stop By: Pokhara, Nepal (Poona Hill Region)

Offerings: Cleansing and Detox, Yoga Course, Treks and Tours

Special Program: Oil Massage, Silent Yoga and Meditation, Ayurvedic therapies, Karma Yoga, Weight Loss Retreat, Poona Hill Yoga Trek, National Park Yoga Tours, and more.

Duration: Depends on the program you choose.

4. Begnas Lake Resort and Villas

Encircled by pristine natural beauty and the breathtaking Himalayan ranges forming a natural boundary, this lakeside resort in Pokhara no less than paradisiacal. Settled in a hillside of unspoiled forestland, the resort area is surrounded by Chestnut, Orange, and other fruit-bearing trees and spice bushes. It is an ideal place for a peaceful escape learning yoga, Buddhist Philosophy, and other techniques. 

Stop By: Pokhara, Nepal

Offerings: Ayurveda and Yoga, Yoga Retreats, Yoga and Meditation, Ayurveda Treatment

Special Program: Ayurveda Therapies, Special Ayurveda Food Menu, Pool, Lakeside Excursion, Himalayan Nature Spa, Recreation, Individual Consultation, etc.

Duration: 1-2 week yoga retreat

5. Atmashree Yoga Retreat

Another famous yoga center in Nepal, Atmashree is located around Phewa Lake amidst the boundary of breathtaking mountains. The center provides authentic learning and experience of yoga and spirituality during a retreat with the right use of curriculum and yogic techniques.

Stop By: Pokhara, Nepal

Offerings: Yoga Retreat, Yoga Trekking Retreat, Beginner Yoga and Meditation Retreat

Special Program: Short Meditation Yoga Retreat, Colin Cleanse Therapy, Yoga Holidays and Vacation, Yoga and Tibetan Singing Bowl Meditation, etc.

Duration: Depends on the chosen program

6. Tiger Mountain Pokhara Lodge

Nestled above the mesmeric Valley of Pokhara with a spectacular Himalayan backdrop, Tiger Mountain Pokhara Lodge is a luxury Boutique Eco-Lodge establishment that runs yoga retreat programs and sessions on-site. It is an ideal resort for those who are looking for a luxurious getaway to relax and replenish amidst the enchanting atmosphere. Pioneer of being at the forefront of responsible tourism practice in the country, the center also supports local community development efforts.

Stop By: Pokhara, Nepal

Offerings: Yoga Retreat, Cottage Stay accommodation, meditation retreat,

Special Program: The center doesn’t offer the usual kind of yoga retreat, luxury tour, etc.

Duration: Depends on the program and your willingness to stay.

The soulful escape is a much-required break from the monotonous modern day life to revive, replenish and unwind. Bon Voyage!!!