Where To Do Yoga Teacher Training in Nepal


Yoga is a form of spiritual discipline comprising of physical postures called asanas, meditation, and controlled breathing. It enables us to expand and awaken our consciousness for the attainment of a physically, mentally and spiritually balanced life. Practicing yoga daily helps you get better control over the body and mind.
Yoga directs you to a path of self-realization and awakening. It heals our body physically, which makes way for a clearer mind. The physical postures or asanas help stretch and twist our muscles to increase flexibility and strength. This leads to better physical health and shapes our body by getting rid of the toxins that pollute our body. Yoga also helps build our immune system and decreases susceptibility to diseases. A good physiological form regulates proper blood flow to the brain enabling the mind to function peacefully and systematically. 

Controlled breathing and meditation are effective in reducing anxiety, stress, and, tension by letting us have better control over our emotions, fears, and desires. Regular yoga practice promotes a deeper and sound sleep as well. Yoga helps us combat the evil powers and promotes the overall well being of an individual.

Why do yoga teacher training in Nepal?

Nepal is a gorgeous country surrounded by the majestic Himalayas. This country is a paradise for every trekker and backpacker as it offers magnificent natural spots at every step. The luscious nature, scenic beauty and fascinating historic sites make Nepal a very prominent location for Yoga teacher training. The country promises a perfect retreat for anyone who wishes to relax and rejuvenate in the mighty land of Himalayas.

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Let’s focus on some of the benefits of doing Yoga teacher training:

  • Discover things about your physical body and the effects on yoga asanas on them
  • Build physical strength
  • Helps you avoid injuries
  • Intensify your spiritual practices
  • Connect with you inner conscience
  • Express your mind and thoughts clearly
  • Gain confidence
  • Teach other people the basic and benefits of Yoga by becoming a Registered Yoga Trainer

Following are prominent locations in Nepal for Yoga teacher training:


This magical city is the birthplace of Lord Buddha and an important, spiritual and pilgrimage destination. It has also been declared as a UNESCO World Heritage site. Mayadevi is a very sacred temple which is believed to be the exact place where Lord Buddha was born. Lumbini has spectacular monasteries built by people who came from all around the world.

Lumbini is a popular destination for meditation and enlightenment. You will find a lot of monasteries and centers who will bless you with their spiritual teachings and guide you through a relaxing and soul touching form of meditation.

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This incredible and diverse historic city is also the capital of Nepal. This city is filled with Buddhist and Hindu sites, diverse culture, arts and architecture, and, endless spots for rejuvenation.
Kathmandu is the home to many Yoga practitioners and Ayurvedic healers who use traditional methods of Yogic science to cleanse the body and make it toxin-free. Thamel is a popular district in Nepal with a lot of Yoga training centers and has a good reputation due to their traditional teaching methods of the ancient and unadulterated form of Yoga.


It is a famous medieval town situated in the Kathmandu valley that has been well preserved. This place is the home to many ancient temples, local craftsmen and local markets. Bhaktapur is also a UNESCO World Heritage site, with a lot of Newari architecture. Nyatapola Temple is a famous attraction in this car-free town.
The 2005 earthquake did a lot of damage to this site, but the local people with outside support was able to build the town back up and gain its significance back. Bhaktapur is perfect to unwind after the trekking trips and revive your lost energy. The calm and quiet city helps you relax and soothe before you continue on to your journey.


This is the second largest city in Nepal with a picturesque panoramic view of the Annapurna range and the calm Phewa Lake. Pokhara also serves as a base camp marking the start location of various treks and expeditions. 

Pokhara offers many Yoga and meditation courses of ranging lengths. This city with amazing scenic beauties makes it an ideal spot for practicing Yoga and meditation. Sit along the shores of Phewa Lake with the luscious greenery surrounding you in all directions and calm your mind.


Mustang is an isolated region in the north of the Himalayas which used to be the Tibetan Kingdom. The famous Muktinath temple, located at 3,700 meters is a sacred site to Hindus and Buddhists. Unlike other destinations in Nepal, this place doesn’t experience monsoon and makes the landscape very peaceful, calm and dry. You will witness a different side of Nepali culture rich in Tibetan monasteries and orchards. The place is rich in vegetation and rhododendron forests. This might not have specialized centers for Yoga teacher training but it’s a rare privilege to practice Yoga and meditate in eternal silence and bliss.

Hope this blog helps you find the perfect destination for your yoga retreat.