What are the Famous Foods from Nepal


When in Nepal, it’s hard to escape the surrounding beauty, the spirituality of the Himalayas and of course, the Nepalese cuisine. Like the nature and the people of Nepal, its food is warm, delicious and varied. Owing to the varied cultural diversity and geography, the famous foods from Nepal reflect the wide variety of culture and traditions.

From landscape to food, the multi-ethnic and multicultural Nepal has a unique charm in offering the delicacies. Every Nepal community has its own food culture that is a treat for the taste buds. The Newar community boasts of more than 200 dishes in its cuisines. The Himalayan region of Nepal has cuisines influenced by the surrounding land of Tibet whereas the Terai region survives on a variety of foods produced in agriculture farms.

In addition to Nepal’s favorite Dahl-Bhaat, there are plenty of mouthwatering foods that you can fill your stomach within this land. Take a look at our delicious pick of foods from Nepal for you.

1. Dahl-Bhaat-Tarkari: Dahl-Bhaat-Tarkari is the staple meal of Nepal land relished throughout the country. Dahl is a soup made of lentils garnished with spices, Bhaat refers to boiled rice and Tarkari is green vegetables cooked in healthy oil and herbs. The Dahl-Bhaat-Tarkari is mostly consumed as lunch and dinner because it is wholesome and appetizing in nature.

2. Chatamari: This drooling appetizer is one of the popular foods from Nepal mostly eaten in the Newar community. Referred to as “Newari Pizza,” the base of this delicacy is prepared from rice flour with toppings of minced meat, eggs, seasoned raw vegetables and green chilies. Cooked in a special way, it differs from other Nepalese breads.

3. Dhido: Dhido is the traditional food of people living in the mountainous regions of Nepal. It is prepared from flours of maize and buckwheat because rice and wheat are not abundant in the hilly areas. The dish is prepared by continuously mixing hot water with the flour and is eaten with pickle, vegetable curry or Gundruk (fermented green leafy vegetables). As it is sugar-free and high on nutrients, it is considered healthy for diabetic patients. Now, you can enjoy this traditional food of Nepal in most of the Nepali restaurants.

4. Momo Cha: Momo, the quintessential and unofficial traditional dish of the Himalayan kingdom. Kind of Tibetan dumplings made of steamed dough filled with vegetables, minced meat - buffalo, chicken or pork. It is mostly consumed in steamed or fried form with lip-smacking chutney. The other varieties of this dish include Kothey Momo (fried) and C-Momo (served with steaming hot spicy soup).

5. Thukpa: Thukpa is a noodle soup. It is popular in the regions of Tibet, Bhutan, Ladakh and north Indian states. The Nepalese Thukpa contains chili powder and masala to give the dish a spicy twist. The noodles in the soup are hand pulled. The meat of sheep and yak along with vegetables are the main ingredients.

6. Aloo Tama: Aloo means ‘Potato’ and Tama means ‘Bamboo shoots’, hence Aloo Tama, which is a unique curry dish. It is one of the very famous foods from Nepal that is a must-try. It possesses a unique sour taste which is further enhanced by beans, buff meat and other special ingredients.

7. Sel Roti: When in Nepal, crave your quench for donuts by relishing Sel Roti. Less in sugar content than the donut, Sel roti makes for a great sweet-dish to satiate your sweet tooth. In Nepal, the Sel roti is a must during Dashain - Nepal’s longest festival and is easily available in many sweet shops.

8. Samay-Bhaji: The destination of Nepal flourishes with rice paddy fields that are put to good use. In Nepal, the beaten rice is known as Samay Bhaji which is consumed as afternoon lunch during festivities and family gatherings in the Newar community. The platter with sambhaji, choila, marinated potato, mustard greens, bara, sweet meat is served to the guests.

9. Yomari: The dish yomari has a festival named after it which is celebrated in the month of December, the Yomari Punhi. It is a Newari festival which marks the end of the rice harvest. So, to celebrate the occasion, sweet yomaris are made and eaten. The fish-shaped yomari is made from rice flour and is stuffed with the mixture of coconut and sweet molasses.

10. Sandheko: It is a healthy and spicy Newari salad with ingredients like potatoes or peanuts, green chilies, onion, fresh coriander, spices and is served cold. It also makes for a popular bar snack.

The land of Nepal is a heaven for food lovers and those with an adventurous palate. Feed the foodie in you with these delectable and nutritious foods from Nepal.