6 Days 7 Nights Master Detox Yoga Retreat Pokhara Nepal


  • Program Category: Yoga Retreats
  • Duration: 6 Days 7 Nights
  • Date: 01-Feb-2020 To 31-Dec-2021
  • Area: Khahare, Lakeside, Pokhara Lekhnath-6, Nepal
  • Food: Vegetarian
  • Surrounding Area: Mountain


Immerse in a breathtaking and revitalizing experience in the lap of the Majestic Himalayas. Let the calmness and enchanting sounds of Mantra take you to a different level while you flush toxins out of the body with the Master Body Detox and Cleansing program. Rinse your body, mind, and soul with natural therapies amidst beautiful sceneries and diverse terrains.


This program focuses on getting rid of toxic substances inside our bodies and using natural techniques to cleanse the system. Master Detox and Cleanse program includes fasting, gastro-intestinal cleansing, specific yoga asanas, meditation, and Ayurvedic massages to restore the body’s original functionality by neutralizing the toxins and flushing them out from our mind, body, and soul. Our sedentary and careless lifestyle has made our body prone to diseases and health problems; therefore Body Detoxification is an important process to get rid of unnecessary toxins and impure thoughts.


  • Ashtanga Yoga

What Makes this Program Special?

The master detox program is one of the best ways to rejuvenate the body and the mind. The program ensures total cleansing of the body through different yogic exercises and methods. Here are a few highlights that make this program a must for those who wish to revitalize their body:

  • Gastrointestinal cleansing
  • Fasting (the diet will include boiled vegetables, apples, honey and lemon water)
  • Regular Ayurvedic massages
  • Yogic exercises
  • Pure vegetarian diet
  • Tranquil and serene environment


The package includes 3-coursed Vegetarian Meals and special drinks for body cleansing purposes. The program includes fasting sessions for the removal of toxins and impurities from the body. Participants will be served fresh seasonal fruits, boiled/steamed vegetables, Honey Lemon water, and fresh detox juices during fasting.


TriBikram Yoga Center provides cozy and spacious rooms to all the participants to ensure a sound and rejuvenating sleep. The serene environment makes everyone feel like at home and provide all basic services like comfortable mattresses, twin beds, cold/hot water supply in attached bathrooms, and Internet services. Participants may opt for a shared or a private room, depending upon their preference.


  • Yoga and Meditation Teachings
    Strengthen the body using a specific set of core yoga exercises and alignment techniques. Yoga exercises will help open the crammed joints of the body and stretch muscles for a relaxing experience.
    Meditation will allow the mind to enter a state of awareness and de-cutter our thoughts. Meditation is a form of mental detox that relieves us from impure thoughts, stress, and anxiety.
  • Daily Ayurvedic Massages
    Regular sessions of Ayurvedic massages with organic oils help calm nerves and improve blood circulation. Ayurveda massages help balance the doshas of the bodies and increases longevity. It also helps in fat burning and enhances the process of body detoxification.
  • Gastro-intestinal cleansing
    Daily Gastro-intestinal cleansing techniques help cleanse the colon by removing toxins that otherwise would give rise to a variety of health problems. A stressed digestive tract is a major reason for our poor health. Gastro-intestinal cleansing helps in the removal of impurities from our digestive tract and intestines and promotes proper digestion and bowel movement.
  • Detox food
    Detoxifying food such as citrus and fiber rich fruits help normalize our bowel movements and maintain the required nutrition ratio. Honey lemon water is beneficial for detoxifying the body as it help gets rid of infectious bacteria and toxins by acting as diuretic.
  • Fasting
    The way meditation helps organize thoughts and removes stress, in a similar fashion, fasting works for the stomach and helps cleanse the body and soul. Fasting promotes Blood sugar control by reducing insulin resistance and fights inflammations that otherwise can have serious consequences for health.

Daily schedule

  • 05:30 AM- Morning call
  • 05:45-07:30 AM- Natural Morning walk
  • 07:35-08:00 AM- Short Gastro session
  • 08:00-10:00 AM- Morning Yoga session
  • 10:15 AM- Breakfast
  • 11:00-12:30 PM- Ayurvedic massage
  • 12:45 PM- Lunch
  • 03:00-04:00 PM- Posture Alignment tutorial
  • 04:00 PM- Detoxifying drinks
  • 04:30 PM- Dancing Meditation
  • 05:00-06:15 PM- Evening Yoga session
  • 06:15-07:00 PM- Yoga Nidra
  • 07:15 PM- Dinner
  • 08:00 PM Meditation
  • 08:30 PM- Lights off and sleep

What’s Included

  • Lodging facilities for 7 nights
  • 3-course Vegetarian Meals
  • Daily Ayurvedic Massages
  • Daily cleansing of gastro-intestinal system
  • Yoga and Meditation sessions

What’s not Included

  • Transportation facility to the centre
  • Nepal Visa Fees


Born in the year 1982, PK hails from a small Nepali village, Meghauli. Since he was young, he showed an interest towards yoga, meditation and philosophy. In Mumbai, he worked as a yoga and meditation instructor and then for 5 years he worked for the Pokhara based Sadhana Yiga Retreat as a Retreat Manager. He is a qualified 200 RYT from Rishikesh and also a qualified Ayurveda practitioner.


Located in a picturesque location in the mystical city of Pokhara, Tri-Bikram Yoga center is a supportive hub that aims at improving our life quality using Holistic Yogic and Ayurveda techniques. They offer Yoga and Meditation classes, Ayurvedic massages, Reiki Healing, Yoga treks, spiritual retreats to help discover the best version of the self. The center standing by the Fewa Lake provides complete solace and isolation from the chaos in the outer world for pure and undisturbed rejuvenation.

Why YogaTrainingNepal.com?

YogaTrainingNepal is a team of yogis, spiritualists and nature lovers with a mission to help aspiring yogis discover a path of encouragement, spiritual growth, and enlightenment through the ancient art of yoga. Our platform brings all the Yoga aspirants together to the enchanting land of the Himalayas to inculcate deep yogic wisdom and be a part of the immersive practice.


“We introduce Yoga-athirst souls to the delight of yoga by convening them at a single point “

- YogaTrainingNepal

Cancellation policy

  • For reserving a spot in the program, a deposit of 10% of the total price is compulsory.
  • The rest of the payment can be done upon arrival.
  • Upon cancellation, the deposit won’t be reversed as it is non-refundable.