Top Places to Visit in Pokhara


The scenic lakeside city with a clear view of the snow-capped mountains, Pokhara is considered a mirror to the Himalayas. The city is a perfect arrangement of spectacular scenery, delectable food, adventure activities, and mountains galore. Whether you’re aiming for a trekking trip to the Annapurna region or just wish to relax by the side of the tranquil shores of Lake Phewa, Pokhara is a fascinating place for travelers.

Featuring sloped terrains and the misty Himalayas, Pokhara boasts a booming industry of sports and adventure. There is a great bazaar to shop for mountaineering and trekking gears. The laid-back charming town is known to be the amongst the best paragliding destination on the globe.

For us, the city of Pokhara is peaceful, serene, and loaded with an ample number of options for travelers and tourists to explore.

Here are some of the best places to visit in Pokhara

Where Heart and Soul Belongs - Viewpoints

The city is loaded with fascinating viewpoints all around, which make you stop, click, and just fall in love with the beauty. To start with, visit Sarangkot Viewpoint to get amazing bird’s eye views of the Himalayas, and spend a peaceful time. Kahun Danda is another beautiful viewpoint that bewitches you with the luminescence of the sight of Pokhara Valley and Annapurna Range. Likewise, there are many more that offers great views, tranquil environment, and an opportunity to rejuvenate. 

Stroll Around the Lake - Relax and Rejoice

Take a day to rewind and reset sitting or strolling around the lake. Enjoy bird watching or take a boat ride to admire the mountains from Lake Phewa. The scenic views of pristine nature are worth remembering for a lifetime. Next, you can visit Lake Begnas and enjoy the panorama of the mountains on the lake water. Take a stroll on the banks while enjoying the sounds of the birds and lake water.

World Peace Pagoda - Appreciate Architecture

World peace Pagoda or Stupa is also known as the Shanti Stupa. It is a world-famous Buddhist Shrine and serves as an emblem of peace across the globe and in the country. The Pagoda style monument is appreciated for its architecture and the viewpoint it offers. The White Stupa is a two storeyed property built for travelers and devotees, and you need to climb a hundred stairs to reach the top. It is worth the climb as it offers a mind-stirring view from the top of the misty Himalayas, Phewa Lake, and Valley of Pokhara. The view in the morning and evening is tinted with a hue of orange and gold crediting to sunrise and sunset.

Satisfy the Adventurer in You

As mentioned, the city boasts a booming industry of adventure activities and has roped in the status of being the best destination for White Water River Rafting, Mountaineering, and Paragliding in Nepal.  The adventure hub Pokhara gives you a wonderful chance to explore, satiate the adrenaline junkie in you, and have a taste of wilderness. Paragliding in Pokhara gives you an incredible eagle-eye view of the lakes, majestic green hills, and mountains.

Retreat School(s) - Why Not

Yoga has been an integral part of Nepal’s culture and Pokhara city is deeply rooted in the ancient art. During your trip to Pokhara, take a day out to visit yoga retreat schools and indulge in a deep invigorating practice. Also, one can opt for a weekend or two-day wellness getaway in this serene city. Practice yoga, meditation, and pranayama and feel replenished in the valley. Monasteries too welcome aspirants to spend quiet time with the self.

Appreciate the Cascading Beauty at Devi’s Fall

Devi’s Fall is a huge tourist attraction in the city. This scenic waterfall with the white sheet of water flowing through rustic rocks is a sight to behold. The fall then passes through the mystic cave of Gupteshwar. The rumble of a cascading waterfall is like music to the ears especially to those hailing from big cities. The waterfall is also known as Patale Chango in the local language and has some mysterious story behind it. Learn about the same when you check listing places to visit in Pokhara.

Explore the Magnificent Mahendra Cave

Mahendra cave is sited in Batulechaur and is a famous tourist attraction in the city. It is a rare ecological wonder with stalactites and stalagmites. Hindus consider the cave sacred. There are some areas where these limestones are grown enough to connect and form different shapes and patterns. Locals believe these patterns represent Hindu Gods, especially Shiva. There are many other stories related to the cave, and the local tribe is your best bet to listen to these mythical stories.

Trek to the Himalayas

Trekking and Hiking is one of the main reasons most people visit Pokhara in Nepal. Pokhara, as said, is the gateway to the famous Annapurna Range. Trek to Annapurna Circuit, Ghorepani Poon Hill, Annapurna Base Camp, and more are some of the best routes and can be completed in 8-21 days. There are short treks as well and perfect for the first-timers. So if you’re in Pokhara, you can give it a try.

For the Spiritualist in You

A place dotted with ancient temples and monasteries, Pokhara can be your destination of spiritual getaway.

Matepani Gumba

A Buddhist monastery atop a hill with a quiet and peaceful ambiance. It also gives you a grand view of Machhapuchhre. The place is great to meditate and introspect.

Bhimsen Temple

Dedicated to God Newari of trade and commerce, the temple is the oldest in the city. It replicates a pagoda style of architecture and is decorated with wood carvings.

Shree Gaden Dhargay Ling Monastery

A Tibetan Buddhist Monastery sited in a secluded environment. It is again the perfect for meditation and one must attend enchanting prayer ceremonies.

Bindhya Basini Temple

This ancient temple is dedicated to Goddess Durga, which is worshipped in the form of Shaligram.

Tal Barahi Temple

Also known as the Lake Temple, Tal Barahi is located in a small island on the Phewa Lake. It is dedicated to Goddess Varahi and is famous for its architecture, scenic view, and many other reasons. 

Pokhara is truly a heaven of a place, a beautiful city with fantastic places to explore. Spend some time away from daily humdrum and enjoy the peace.