Top 7 Excellent Benefits of Sarvangasana Shoulderstand


The holistic science of yoga has found acceptance among people from all parts of the world owing to the profound benefit it offers, both physically and mentally. Everything that the spiritual science does to one’s life contributes to the development of a better person out of him. Yoga cannot be defined as a physical practice or a spiritual art; rather it is a way of life that generates intuition. The ancient science of Yoga takes out another delight from its kitty in the form of Sarvangasana, which is also known as Shoulder Stand.

Although Sarvangasana is considered as an advanced Yoga asana and is a little exigent to practice, there have been a huge number of followers of this exercise for centuries, owing to its diversified goodness.

Let’s talk about some of the fascinating benefits of Sarvangasana and its impact on one’s health and wellness.

Boosts Blood Circulation

Sarvangasana has a great impact on the circulation of blood. In fact, among all Yoga poses, this asana is probably the best exercise for promoting a smoother flow of blood in the brain so that the mental energy keeps vibrating in its finest form. In normal body posture, blood flow gets stalled. When you reverse your body to stand on the shoulder and elbows, every cell and tissue gets nourished with the continuous circulation of blood activated by Sarvangasana.

Strengthens the Shoulders

It is quite straightforward to understand that Sarvangasana gives strength to the shoulder, after all, the whole body stands erect on the two joints. One of the finest health benefits of Shoulder Stand is the neck getting nourished. Anybody struggling with neck pain should practice Shoulder stand every day in the morning. Practicing the asana corrects the whole body posture in an awesome way to make one look self-confident.

Relieves Lower Back Pain

Give strength to your spine and eradicate any chance of a backache with the practice of Shoulder stand. Along with elongating the spine, the exercise puts substantial effort on the lumbar region to ease the pain in the lower spine and waistline. Immobility is a major reason for intensifying lower back pain and Sarvangasana might be the best way to counter this physical issue.

Sponsors Body Balance

The process of balancing is always and automatically in practice when one is indulged in Shoulder stand. Balance and stability are at the core of this beautiful Yoga pose. Stabilizing the body in upside down position puts the body and mind in the zone of extreme composure. A perfect balance between the mental and physical energy is attained with regular practice of Sarvangasana. When all parts of the body work together, a sense of harmony garnishes the entire body.

Alleviates Digestive Disorders

Digestive issues such as stomach cramps, bloating, etc. are quite common in today’s lifestyle. We are getting attracted towards an imperfect way of life, dominated by junk food and fats-carrying food. With a routine exercise of Sarvangasana, these digestive problems can be solved and the organs become more affluent and prosperous to assimilate the maximum amount of food that we intake. More energy is created, resulting in a healthy and active body.

Good for Eyesight

Our pair of eyes is among the best beneficiaries of Sarvangasana in the body. Most of the eye problems occur due to the lack of pure blood in the region. During Shoulder Stand, the blood not only reaches the face and eyes but also gets purified in an awesome way. In addition to improving eyesight, Sarvangasana benefits the ears and hairs as well. For putting a break on continuous hair fall, this asana has proved to be a great exercise, while the hearing ability gets boosted.

Improves Concentration

Life is a challenge and every step of the way there are problems and difficulties to be taken care of. It is important to focus on your goals to accomplish a fulfilling life. Sarvangasana prepares you for the bigger challenges coming in the way of life. The practice enhances your concentration level so that you never deviate from the path leading towards success. Thanks to the gracious blood flow in the mind, it begins to think in a whole new way that is immensely constructive and intuitive.

Nourishes the Body Muscles

Bolster your muscles with the intensive practice of Sarvangasana. Our muscles play an important role in the successful practice of this Yoga asana as the body undergoes a serious reinforcement. Arms muscles are the biggest beneficiary during the practice of Sarvangasana, since the arms hold the body in that position. Muscles present in the shoulders region get stretched in a fantastic way. The strengthening of the hips is another beautiful process that takes place while one enjoys the beauty of Shoulder Stand.

According to most of the Yoga health experts around the globe, daily practice of Sarvangasana in the morning and evening paves way for one’s physical and mental perfection.