Top 7 Benefits of Yoga Teacher Training in Nepal


Undoubtedly, Yoga is an interesting topic to wander about, either on Google or on road. One cannot ignore what’s trending in every country, but you know the reason behind this hype on social media? Is it a marketing plan or the desperate need of the masses? Let’s find out the rejuvenating perks of Yoga and Yoga Teacher Training in Nepal.

Yoga is an exclusive focus oriented activity which improves the health of mind, body, and soul. How you may ask? Well, it's not rocket science but Yoga is definitely a ‘nature’s tool’, made for the welfare of the society, by quenching your thirst. Refresh the way you perceive the world and your body because Yoga filters the unnecessary thoughts out of your cluttered space.

Now, this Land of Buddha is a tourist place because of its many adventurous activities, but did you know that it can offer much more than that? Like Yoga!

Yoga teacher training in Nepal is highly recommended and is a sensible decision to make. Why? First of all, Nepal is a sitting art piece of nature, compiling the world’s famous mountains, peaks, and ranges. Nepal is not just a trekking or hiking spot, but it is also the home of the ‘authentic’ teachings of Yoga. So, if you are curious about Yoga, and you want to transform your life completely in a better way, then why delay your plans?

YTT course can flourish the yogi in you; it makes you physically, mentally, and spiritually uplifted. With the same zeal, let’s discover the promising benefits of an YTT in Nepal.

Top 7 benefits of Yoga Teacher Training in Nepal

1.      Easy Entry Process

Nepal is a landlocked country in South Asia, with the potential of millennial surprises that you will come across as you step into the boundary, and keep going further and further.

Usually, the entry fee process is a headache comprising of a lot of document work, but Nepal is a savior for foreigners around the world as they have a very smooth VISA system like you can get 1, 2, or 3-month VISA upon arrival. This highly encourages the inflow of tourists from all around the world.

2.      Landscape and Everest Views

How can you ignore the alluring beauty of Nepal when you are in between the landscapes of the world’s highest peaks like the Mount Everest? As much as Nepal is proud of its inheritance, travelers have to make a little bit of an effort to view the panoramic views of a white sheet of snow covering huge mountains.

Hike or trek to the treacherous mountains after you are done with your YTT course, get ready to be blissed-out in the wilderness after gaining spiritual knowledge.

3.      In-Budget

With the economic boost in almost every country, it’s hard to find places which can offer more in less. Nepal has done justice to the basic rights a human deserves (along with their pets…some people do travel with their pets!!!) in order to explore the stunningly elevating views of this calm country.

Cheap and easy travels will help you save for your teacher training program in Nepal. How much can one ask for, when everything fits perfectly here.

4.      Yoga Den

By now, you will be able to see the clear picture of Yoga in Nepal. Backpackers from all around the world enter this serene land to encounter the hidden treasures which were buried in the faded out teachings of Yoga. Thanks to the new idea of thought, the younger and older generation that has brought forth the magical properties of Yoga.

Youth has given it the importance it deserves, which is why Nepal is hosting countless Yoga teachers training program to continue the revolution of making enchanting yogis and yoginis.

5.      Architectural Beauty

While you are at your Yoga studio, and the Sunday is ‘no activity’ day, why not stroll around the areas, markets, temples, gompas, etc. to be entertained. You will be encountering the mixed doze of India, Tibet, and China which has highly influenced the structures and intricate monuments.

Nepalese architecture or Bastukala is a unique strain of practicality and art which can be seen in Pagodas, Stupas, Summits, and other places.

6.      Culture and Traditions

Prepare your seat belts to become mentally alert for a good cultural shock. It was not long ago when Nepal finally became a secular country that is in 2006. The religions that are practiced there are Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, Jainism, Islam, Bon, Sikhism, worshiping ancestor, or animism. Although the majority of the people are either Hindus or Buddhists, the two have co-existed over the centuries in harmony. Don't worry, none of the yoga gurus at your YTT program is going to force you to opt for any religion, as Yoga is above any sort of restrictions which limits your idea of thought.

‘Land of Buddha’ has a traditional touch to maintain its ever-lasting peace, and hope amongst the lot.

7.      Adventure Land

We are all sailing in the same boat for grabbing any opportunity which enhances any thrilling experience. Nepal will not disappoint when it comes to taking a break, away from the hustle and bustle by giving yourself a priority and to radiate positive energy. Add Bungee jumping, Everest Base Camp Trek, Safari at Chitwan National Park, Mountain biking, Everest mountain flight, and much more.

If you are an adventure freak, then stop already with the mini-plans as it’s time to step up the notch by listing down ‘the things you want to do in Nepal’.

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