Top 7 Benefits of Yoga for Men


Yoga is an unbiased of gender among the human race. But yes, the benefits of yoga for men and women may vary because of their different body structures.

When it comes to men, they want something hardcore for their fitness and health. For the same reason, they enroll in a gym or cross fit training options. It’s time to understand that just adding yoga to your schedule would do wonders to your body physically.

It may be a surprise to you but men are bending towards yoga these days. We are sure you must be curious, why? The following blog will bring forth the benefits of yoga for men that may want you or your man to pull up the socks for yoga.

1. Detaches stiffness from the body and brings mobility

A lot of men may find it difficult to touch their feet without bending knees. Isn’t this a sign of stiffness? Of course, it is. But this is just an example. Stiffness in your body may lead to injuries. There are poses in yoga that will help you overcome the same. They will include mobile movements that will open up your body to flexibility. With regular practice, you will observe increased mobility and flexibility in the body.

2. Makes you productive at work and beat stress

Through yoga, you are taught to keep your mind and body calm while managing your breathing. This is because when you breathe the yogic way, it helps you calm your mind. When your mind is positive, it is easier to beat stress in all situations. This increases your ability to think faster and initiates new ideas. With positive energy around you makes you reflect the positivity on others. All this results in productivity and success at work.

3. Builds muscles and physique

For those who think a gym is the only to build muscles this is just going to be a wake-up call for them. Yes, yoga helps you build physique and muscles too. Instead of using weights, it uses the weight of your body to build your muscles. Some specialized exercises and poses are designed to elongate your muscles and tissues for increased blood flow. This fulfills the requirement of oxygen needed by the muscles. It also improves the overall strength and physique of men.

4. Inhibits you from back pain or injuries

Pushing the limits of your body may lead to aches and even severe injuries. Not only this; prolonged sitting is also considered one of the main reasons for various aches in the body. It may cause pain in the joints, back or even injuries. Both the issues can be solved through regular practice of combined poses of yoga. These poses will enhance the strength and sturdiness of the connective tissue and muscles. It also corrects the poor posture of the body. Moreover, it prepares the muscles and body for a whole new lifestyle.

5. Challenges your body every day

If you think yoga can’t offer you challenges, think again. Never judge yoga in a session. There are various forms of yoga that may be difficult for you to practice in one go.

Hatha yoga, Iyengar yoga, Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga or power yoga are some of the forms that accelerate the rate of your heartbeat and make you sweat like anything. These will feed your soul and make you feel confident about you if you are able to perform them. If you still want to challenge yourself try yoga in Nepal.

Yoga in Nepal under the guidance of yogis will allow you to challenge yourself every day.

6. Upgrades the sexual health

Yes, you heard it right. Apart from the body, yoga also upgrades your sexual health. For those suffering from sexual dysfunctions, it is always recommended to practice yoga on a daily basis. Practicing yoga periodically enhances the body’s awareness and reduces anxiety. This supplies blood to the genital area which takes down the toxins that affect sexual performance. To boost your sexual performance, it is important that you must activate your Mula Bandha. This bandha increases awareness of the pelvic floor that helps in premature ejaculation and other sexual functions.

7. Boosts overall health and brings youth

Obviously, with so many aids yoga boosts your comprehensive health too. It helps you physically, psychologically, physiologically and mentally. Yoga relieves you from diseases or illness, and stress and anxiety. It helps you fight depression and induces better sleep. Apart from fighting diseases, it reduces inflammation that increases the immune system of the body. It is believed to alter the genes that help us fight against health disorders.
Though these are just a few benefits we have mentioned. These benefits were experienced by men around the world. Try yoga at home or join a class, you may plan yoga retreats as well. Start practicing yoga today and see the results yourself.