Top 7 Benefits of Padangusthasana Hand to Big Toe Pose


There is no doubt in the fact that Yoga is the powerhouse of health. Each and every pose associated with this ancient science has been strengthening the balance of the human body and the brain since the time it originated in the Indian Subcontinent.

Padangusthasana is among the most popular Yoga poses for attaining complete wellness in the body. The asana is practiced for a number of positive factors to the mind and body. It translates to Hands to Big Toe Pose in English.

Here are some of the most effective health benefits of Padangusthasana:

Strengthens the hips

One of the finest benefits of Padangusthasana is attributed to strengthening the joints in the body. The hips get enormous stretching during the practice of this pose. Strong hips are very useful in maintaining a balance in the body. Having well build hips is the manifestation of a confident body and mind. During the practice of Padangusthasana, the body bends forward over the hips, which get immense stretch to strengthen the core of this joint. The joint gets accustomed to balancing the body in a proper way. People suffering from lower back pain may practice this pose to get instant relief.

Sponsors a proper blood circulation

A proper circulation of blood is extremely important for the complete well being of the body and the mind. A body cannot run in a healthy condition if there is an issue in the circulation of blood. Each and every action of the body is dependent on the condition of the circulatory system, which is nourished in an awesome way by the yogic exercise of Padangusthasana. Body parts higher than the heart such as neck, brain, face, etc. are major beneficiaries, since these parts remain lower than the heart during the practice. Enjoy a fine blood circulation throughout the body while you indulge in the beauty of the hand to big toe pose.

Mental calmness

For bringing peace and serenity to the brain, Padangusthasana is a highly effective Yoga exercise. The practice nurtures a healthy brain by sponsoring pure blood and oxygen to the mind. After a long working hour, it is quite normal for the brain to feel the heat of a hectic schedule. This Yoga pose does not let the knowledge box feel monotonous even after working for a long time. Mental calmness also lets you be active even in the scarcest of situations. It advocates positivity, which is a key to the make a good decision-maker out of you.

Stretches thighs muscles

Human physical health is completely or partially dependent on the wellness of the thighs. In every walk of life, thighs are the base of a moving body. Their flexibility is quite important for a happy and healthy life. In almost all the outdoor sports, the role of thighs is unmatched. Stretching creates a great sense of comfort in the legs as the blood reaches almost all the cells. Death of old cells and nourishment of new healthy ones take place. If you are serious about the physical fitness of the thighs, give this pose at least 30 minutes in the morning and evening each.

Overall body fitness

Be it the physical health, mental fitness or emotional wellness, the practice of Padangusthasana is effective in all these aspects of a human life. While the Yoga pose improves the physical health of a person, it plays an important role in strengthening the mental abilities as well. The challenging nature of this pose enhances the power of being spiritually sturdy. A regular practice of this asana also boosts immunity.

Betters digestion

Body’s metabolic activities get an enormous boost with the practice of the Hand to big toe pose. Along with the circulatory and respiratory system, the digestive organs are nurtured in a good way during the performance of this exercise. Stomach, intestines, liver, etc. get fostered along with enhancing the ability of these organs. A number of digestive problems such as bloating, diarrhea, stomach cramps, etc. are relieved by the practice of this pose. Gastric is a major problem cured by this asana. If you are facing such issues, do not wait to make this asana an integral part of your life by including it in your morning routine.

Relieves a backache

Giving the body a much-needed relief from the issue of back pain is among the top health benefits of hand to big toe pose. A Backache can be experienced due to a number of reasons including continuous sitting for a long time, heavy workout, unusual sitting, etc. Padangusthasana is a proper exercise tailor-made for giving you solace in the case of a back pain. Along with stretching the whole back region, it consolidates the bonding between the bones and muscles to produce a healthy body.