Top 5 Yoga Retreats in Kathmandu Nepal


Bag packing in Nepal is hands down a memorable trip for anyone who wants to soak in the serenity of the Himalayas. Nepal is not only a place of great scenic value but also a treasure chest of spiritual learning. The hustle of working life can take a toll on our bodies. And to clean the cesspit of anger, jealousy and other soul-numbing habits, people find great refuge in yoga retreats and centers. The eternal truth for human beings is to find a way of living which encourages happiness and generative qualities. The turn of the 21st century has taken a toll on several people’s health, both mental and physical that stops them from living life happily. Some places on Earth are bountiful with the essence of healing. Nepal is one such place too. With the grandeur of the Himalayas overlooking this small country of saints and sages, one finds immense tranquility in the body and mind. The citizens of deep wanderlust find their feet on the ground of Kathmandu as it provides them a sense of holiness which elevates the soul. Some go trekking, some explore the religion, and some find a deep meditative spirit awakening in them. And those of us who are constantly tackling work-life balance often flock to the country to find peaceful yoga retreats that energize the body and soul. Here’s a list of top yoga retreats in Kathmandu that you can find useful if you plan to enjoy the beautiful hills of the Himalayas along with treating your body and mind with recreational activities.

Nepal Yoga Retreat Centre

Nestled in the Kathmandu valley, Nepal Yoga Retreat Centre is a certified Yoga, Meditation, and Ayurvedic center managed by a fantastic team of spiritual guides and yogis who help many seekers find their true potential in yoga and benefit from it. The ideology behind the place is to help humans serve their bodies in such a way that helps them carry day-to-day activities with a spiritual sense of purpose. The several practices that form a routine in the yoga retreat include meditation and yogic exercises along with great exposure to the beautiful valleys of Kathmandu. Certified practitioners of Sanatana Yoga teach the core of Sanatana dharma or, the eternal truth of the human body through religious Hindu texts and guided yogi practices. The routines begin with a guided meditation. Peaceful accommodation with quality yogi food is offered so that the stay is pleasant and there’s plenty of time to offer the mind and body to follow yoga routines. Go check everything about it on TripAdvisor.

Himalayan Yoga Resort

Led by Manish Prasad Bashyal, the Himalayan Yoga Resort is dream come true for any yoga seeker who wants to spiritually awaken to the benefits of these traditional practices. Arrive at the doors of this retreat to get plenty of restorative benefits including therapeutic massages and Ayurvedic therapies such as Panchakarma. So, pack your bags and head to the Himalayan Yoga resort and take yoga in relaxed and rejuvenated spirits.

Pranayama Yoga

Established in 2011 by the lovers of yoga and learners of finer forms of living, Pranayam Yoga is a contemporary retreat center which places the highest regard to the traditional beauty of yoga all the while merging the present-day energy of the crowd. Hip and serene at the same time, it’s for every beginner who just isn’t ready to rub ash all over the body yet. A place of serenity for the awkward non-goers, Pranayama yoga respects the divine in you and invites you for a holistic yoga experience. Their website is a great place to check out the vibe and details of packages.

Kanchan Yoga center

In Kathmandu, Kanchan Yoga Center brings Buddhist teachings to the visitors of retreat. Learn elaborate yogi practices taught by Kanchan, who himself is a certified yogi with several years of yogi practices behind him. Depending on your budget you can extend the services to higher forms of spirituality and get amazing tools worth elevating your life. To book your retreat and know more about the details, visit TripAdvisor.

Sawar Yoga and Meditation center

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly yoga retreat that allows for spiritual healing, then Sawar Yoga and Meditation center is the place to be. Nestled in the greenery of Kathmandu, the retreat offers plenty of yogi bends to help you find your center and reclaim peace of mind. With several patrons frequenting the place due to amazing value for money, the retreat center has expanded its services to several retreat packages which you can choose from. Teachers with minimum experience of 2 years are always there to offer their services and depending on your package, you can also avail several other posture practices to align your body with the mind. The center focuses on a holistic mind-body balance which is why meditation is such a big part of the routine.

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