Top 5 Health Benefits of Paschimottan asana

Paschimottasana is a Sanskrit word where ‘Paschima’ means - west (back), ‘Uttana’ means – intense stretch and ‘asana’ means - pose. It is also known as Seated-Forward-Bend-Pose or Intense-Dorsal-Stretch. This is taken out from the original forms of Yoga, which is Hatha Yoga. Sages and priests studied for ages the translations of Vedas, sacred texts, sutras, and Upanishads to come out with the solutions of third-world problems.

The health benefits of Paschimottanasana are many, few of which are curing diabetes, high blood pressure, etc.

Steps to do Paschimottasana

  1.    Sit on the ground or yoga mat, keep your legs forward.
  2.    Keep your legs together, and stretch them in front of you.
  3.    Raise your head and inhale while lifting your arms up.
  4.    Now, move your body forward and try to touch your knee with your nose, then your chin.
  5.    Move your palms over your head to hold your toes, on the same side.
  6.    Hold for as long as you can by not exerting yourself to too much strain.
  7.    Exhale, and lift your body up, and arms again overhead.
  8.    Keep your back straight and slowly bring your arms to the floor.
  9.    Repeat with the inhale and exhale technique.


  1.  People suffering from diarrhea or asthma should refrain from performing this asana.
  2.  Women who are pregnant should also refrain from practicing this asana.
  3.  Thos who have an injury in the back should only perform this pose after getting the nod from the general practitioner. Also better if it is performed under the guidance of an expert yoga guru.

Top 5 Health Benefits of Paschimottan asana

1.      Reduces Fat

This pose reduces fatty deposits in the abdomen. It is widely practiced by many yogis and is a secret provider of beauty. As much as it refines your skin and shape, this pose helps to keep you away from the stages of obesity, high-sugar problems, and other diseases caused by gaining weight. Yes! It has its consequences, therefore balance your intake as per your body demands. Don’t treat your body like a garbage can when health enthusiasts only focus on treating it like a temple.

What comes handy with Yoga is the eating routine. The diet plan of Yogis is simple- it’s vegetarian and is an extremely helpful detoxification method to clean the toxins from your body. Therefore, hold your horses if you are dwelling into the science of nature.

2.      Maintains Mental Equilibrium

It sends signals to its brain like a courier to its receiver. That feeling of exciting energy flows through your brain and joins the lost antennas of your brain. No, but really this pose throws the blood through the veins to the nervous system.

If only you knew body bends could give you stress relief, you wouldn’t be standing straight right now.

3.      Improves Digestion

‘Twists and Turns’ definitely help your body show the effects of improvement. All different kinds of asanas demand you to breathe relentlessly. Not so surprisingly, breathing helps to improve your digestive system and boosts up the metabolism rate. If you have constipation issues, then practicing this pose will help you get out of your washroom.

4.      Healthy Reproductive System

The torso and the areas below feel the flow of the blood which enhances their functioning properties. This stretch assures the healthy life of your reproductive organs. It is also helpful to avoid any complications and an appointment with a gynecologist.

5.      Freedom from Emotional Blockages

Growing up is not easy for every soul. Both positive and negative emotions reside in the human body. The best way to dominate the positive over the other is by eliminating the negatives from your system. Meditate as you hold on to your toes to keep hold of the patience and release the pressure of stress, anxiety, depression, anger, ego from your body. Maintain your calm by doing this asana daily, early in the day.

Health benefits of forward bend pose are tremendously contributing to the smooth life of human race. Yoga has never disappointed any soul who was dedicated to investing all their potential and energies to the forces of nature or the path of Yoga. To all the Yogis who are constantly thriving on change, pick your faith and deliver it to your friend who really needs it right now.

Bring change, bring you!