Top 5 Benefits of Mandukasana Frog Pose


Health is what life relies on and a healthy body is what one seeks. From the time of the earliest civilization on earth, health has been the most important aspect of human life. At a time when all the three aspects of health - physical, mental and emotional are at stake in today’s world, Yoga’s relevance as a promoter of well-being has increased drastically. Mandukasana is one of the most popular Yoga asana that is practiced for health and wellness. Owing to its importance as an intense physical exercise, the pose is also a great way to attain a nice body shape.

What is Mandukasana?

Mandukasana is Sanskrit for Frog Pose, Manduka means frog. The final posture of this exercise resembles a frog and is a great exercise for almost all the body parts. Frog Pose is practiced in two variations namely- Wide-legged pose and Vajrasana variation.

1. Wide-legged Mandukasana: This pose is practiced in a table-top position by placing the body on the knees and elbows and the back remains parallel to the ground resembling the top of a table. Also, make sure the lower legs and hands are in contact with the ground and eyes are facing the mat.

2. Vajrasana Variation: This pose is quite simple to do having numerous benefits primarily related to the abdomen and digestive system. To practice this pose, sit in Vajrasana, push the body forward and press the navel region with the fist. Focus on the mind for 2-3 minutes in this position.

Here are some of the awesome benefits of Frog Pose:

Improves the function of digestive organs

One of the biggest reasons why people perform Mandukasana is that this pose is extremely helpful in enhancing the function of the digestive system. The asana is a serious exercise for the abdomen and digestive organs that get nurtured in an awesome way during the practice. A better digestion takes place when you practice this exercise every day routinely. Today, when the world has gone very far from the natural way of eating and improper digestion is a common issue, the Frog Pose offers the best solution by making the digestive parts such as Pancreas, Intestines, Stomach, etc. more efficient. For better results, practice this asana during the evening time in empty stomach.

Strengthens the leg muscles and bones

The beautiful pose of Mandukasana is an awesome exercise for stretching the thighs muscles and making the legs strong. While you sit on the legs in Vajrasana posture, the thighs feel a significant force that stretches the muscles and bones in this body region. In the wide-legged variation also the pressure required to hold the body in that posture is of great use in stimulating the legs and knee joints. The power of movement by a practitioner receives a remarkable boost with an ideal practice of this asana.

Cures digestive problems

Constipation, diarrhea, stomach cramps, etc. are some of the digestive problems that are taking a toll on the health of human lives in the present day world. Since, the world is moving into the zone of the fast-paced corporate realm, people are highly dependent on fast food and packaged meals making them prone to diseases. Mandukasana is enormously worthwhile when it comes to curing digestive issues which are the roots of almost all kinds of diseases in the body. Practicing this exercise two times a day for 4-5 minutes a day can be very effective in making one healthy and fit.

Opens up all the body parts

An awesome thing about Mandukasana is that its health advantages reach to almost all the body parts - from the head to the toes. Talking primarily about the wide-legged posture, it works towards the bonding of physical and mental body aspects in an awesome way. The arms get strengthened, elbow joints become flexible and shoulder gets the required workout during the pose. Opening the chest and elongating the muscles have a significant impact on one’s self-confidence as stretching provokes a better blood circulation that boosts one’s ability to take instant actions.

Relieves a backache

Among the health benefits of Mandukasana, lower back pain cure holds an important place. For getting relief from a backache, Mandukasana is an effective physical exercise as it involves the actions of the spine as well. In both variations, the back plays an important role and holds much of the body weight making it accustomed to carrying weight. If you have serious pain in the back, make sure you practice the asana carefully by not giving your body much discomfort.

The beauty of Mandukasana lies in its creativity and the joy it gives to practitioners. In addition to the two variations as a health exercise, one can practice this asana for joy and pleasure as well.