Top 10 Yoga Retreats in Nepal


The “Land of Buddha” has exposed many unbelievable sites of beautiful nature. The practices of Yoga along with an elaborated calm atmosphere make Yoga Retreats in Nepal the perfect choice for a soulful sojourn.  

Yoga Retreats are all about relaxing and rejuvenation. Retreats include practices of Yoga, breathing exercises, asana practice, meditation, massages, and spa. Yoga Retreats provide a life-changing luxury treatment to nourish your ‘inner garden of divinity', by raising your mental, physical and spiritual standards.

A retreat can help you get rid of stress, anxiety, emotional blockages, and muscle contractions. It is a therapeutic activity to give your mind and body a break to just reenergize, and revitalize the space. Retreats result in a whole new scope of benefits like clarity, perspective, focus, or a refreshing smile.

What better place to be adorned in the delightful beauty than to join feet with Nepal itself. In order to transform your daily hard work into pleasure, we have come up with the top Yoga Retreats in Nepal.

Top 10 Yoga Retreats in Nepal 


1. Nepal Yoga Academy and Retreat

Location: Changunarayan, Bhaktapur, Nepal

As one of the most-famous retreat centers in Nepal, this Yoga academy has a good marketing strategy to keep its customers and staff happy. They provide valuable, affordable services to their happy clients.

The Yoga Retreat is 1.5kms away from the Nepal Yoga Academy. This academy is situated in the arms of Kathmandu valley.

 2. Sadhana Yoga Retreat Centre

Location: Sedi Bagar, Pokhara, Nepal

Since 1998, Sadhana center is working towards achieving peace, awareness, and happiness. Feel completely free to explore the surroundings at the beautiful Pokhara hills. At Yoga retreats, they focus on detoxifying the body and mind to renew the strong positive energy of their customers. This center attracts travelers for one more factor which is the belief in the ecological principles for a more-independent sustainable society. Use of recycling bags, solar energy, contributes to the firm values of yogis.

A yogi’s dream gave birth to this place just to share the advantages, and better living with Yoga Retreats.

  3. Jiva Cafe and Spa

Location: Phewa Lake, Lakeside, Pokhara, Nepal

This Cafe is situated at the shore of the lake, featuring unique and private spa treatment cottages. It has become an oasis of peace and relaxation for their regular customers. The foot massages are divine with a major possibility of exceeding your expectations.

Here, Yoga Retreats give a transformative experience which will heal you from inside and out.

  4. Atmashree Yoga and Meditation Retreat

Location: Khapaudi, Happy Village Pokhara, Nepal

As the village name suggests, the vibrant Nepalese people have encapsulated the monastery vibe into the entire scenic area. After all, a quiet place away from the city, a mellow ambiance is all you want to relax in the woods.

This makes it a perfect Yoga retreat destination as they provide varied programs of short Yoga retreats, advanced Yoga retreats, private sessions, treks, and you name it.

5. Mandala Studio Yoga & Spa

Location: Mandala Street, Kathmandu, Nepal

The Mandala studio resides in the heart of Thamel - a famous place for decades because of the hippie revolution. Yoga retreats encourage the emotions of joy, happiness, and a disciplined yogic lifestyle. This studio delivers all of your requirements in a heartbeat. Healing treatments like Reiki healing, stress-management is popularly doing wonders for their enthusiastic customers. A must go!

6. Tiger Mountain Pokhara Lodge

Location: Kandani Danda, Pokhara, Nepal

Tiger Lodge is a member of Pack for a Purpose community. They organize many secret retreats completely with respect to their members. It is situated 1000 feet above the Pokhara Valley to give an enchanting view to their customers in between huge mountains. Luxury is here!

7. Nepal Yoga Home

Location: Tarkeshwor, Goldhunga, Kathmandu, Nepal

Nepal Yoga home is certified by the reputed Yoga Alliance. It is just 5kms away from Kathmandu. Availability of choice from a week to a month Yoga retreat, detox retreats, soul healing programs, etc.

This is a home away from home, where you are the solitude, and your family - the nature, a combination of which produces legends.

8. Purna Yoga Retreat

Location: Sedi Bagar, Lakeside, Pokhara, Nepal

Just like greeting with a namaste shows how grounded and respectful you are, this Yoga retreat produces transformed yogis and yoginis. Purna Yoga Retreat is located on the hillside, with panoramic views of ‘Peace Pagoda’, hiking to Sarangkot hill, and a 15 minuted walk down to the lake for boating. Enjoy

9. Begnas Lake Resort and Villas

Location: Sundari Danda, Lakenath, Begnas Lake, Nepal

This resort offers group yoga sessions twice a day in the outdoors. The Ayurveda treatment packages are to die for. A humble facility of private classes is also available.

[Isolated lake- Begnas is about 40 minutes drive from Pokhara.]

10. Tushita Nepal Yoga Retreats

Location: World Peace Stupa Access Road, Pokhara, Nepal

This is an ideal Yoga retreat resort in the Himalayas of Nepal. It is an ultimate destination around the alluring forests, lakes, centuries-old mountains to detox, and refresh your mental, spiritual and physical strength.

[Here, rooms are named after planets and some accommodations are given based on zodiac signs.]Fyoga

Don't hesitate to live a luxurious life, at least for a few days! Pick your favorite Yoga Retreat Centre and remove the blemishes from your face by adding a joyful stair onto your life. Stay active, and rejuvenated with Yoga Retreats in Nepal.