Top 10 Meditation Retreats in Nepal


The chaotic life does not allow us to live freely and peacefully. We are always pre-occupied with negative thoughts, over-thinking and not needed assumptions. To get rid of the anxiety and panic attacks, we are supposed to practice activities that can allow us to release our daily life tension and stress. Different people try different things to get rid of stress and avoid traumatic situations. Among the stress-relieving activities, Meditation is the most popular and appreciated one. We all can practice meditation to know ourselves better, to understand this world in a better way and of course to discover the importance and impact of Dhyana in our lives. Meditation is a part of Yoga and so if you are interested in learning and exploring our great, ancient Yogic Culture, it is a great idea to take a step towards seeking top meditation retreats in Nepal

Why Should We Practice Meditation?

Dhyana or which is popularly known as mediation is an extreme form of concentration. You can start practicing meditation and you would realize that your concentration keeps on increasing day by day. It permits your mind to travel, focus and think and for a while it detaches you from the worldly things. Truly, all the divine and pure thoughts and feelings live in our heart and the only way to reach there, to that extent, is to meditate properly. There are plenty of benefits of practicing meditation such as:

  • Your concentration level increases
  • It is a step towards seeking mental serenity and becoming a calmer person
  • It reduces the stress and tension and improves the quality of life
  • A step towards a healthier and happier life
  • Development of the optimistic way of living and helps in Anger management 
  • Enhances your energy level and gives you the strength to activate your dead cells
  • It helps you to develop a disciplined and systematic lifestyle, Improvement in the immune system, helps in controlling blood pressure and lowering the Cholesterol
  • It slows down the aging, provides stability and adds a new flavor or meaning to your life

So, you must be convinced enough by reading about the benefits of meditation both for our mental and physical health. Here, in this article, you can check out Top Ten meditation retreats in Nepal. Have a look at the retreats and their benefits. 

Check Out the Top Most Meditation Retreats in Nepal

Tushita Yoga and Meditation Retreats


The place is way much inclined towards the Yogic Culture. The Tushita Yoga Retreat focuses on the Vedic Philosophies and the various rituals connected with it. The retreat center is located near Pokhara. The main focus is on the complete dissemination and proper teaching of Meditation plus Yoga. There are beginners, intermediates and advanced practitioners. The process of retreats includes several activities such as Yoga, Asanas, Music, and teaching of Mantras. 

Kopan Monastery


The place is a hub of spiritual and Yoga Culture. The place is the shelter for several monks from Nepal and Tibet. The Kopan Monastery follows the Mahayana Tradition which is an organization that believes in the dissemination of Mahayana Buddhism through teaching, community service, and meditation. The teaching and courses are divided and retreats run throughout the year. A popular course called ‘Discover Buddhism’ includes the instructions of meditation for beginners, they also have private retreats. 

Sadhana Yoga Retreat 

This is one of the oldest retreat centers situated in Pokhara. It usually offers a two day, one night Yoga and meditation Package. It also includes hiking around Pokhara, full body massage, mud bath or steam bath.

Himalayan Buddhist Meditation Center

Just like Kopan Monastery, it is also affiliated with the International Foundation for the preservation of the Mahayana Tradition. The teachers from abroad are invited here to facilitate the proper teaching and learning process. The Retreats include proper guided meditations, monthly Buddhist holidays, Dharma Classes in Nepali. Even the tours to beautiful sites such as Namo Buddha or Patan are also organized. 

Kagyu Institute of Buddhist Studies (KIBS)

The primary motive is to aggrandize the value of spiritual development by promulgating the beliefs of spiritual knowledge across the world. The activities like fasting, chanting and tantric meditation are some of its primary focus. 

The Panditarama Lumbini International Vipassana Meditation Center

The location itself holds a great historical significance as Lumbini was the place where Buddha was born. Vipassana is eventually a form of meditation which states or allows the practitioner to see things in a different way and from a different perspective. The course is free and includes activities like sitting and walking meditations. There are programs that are taught in different languages like English, German, French, and Burmese. Outside communication is strictly not allowed. 

Osho Tapoban

Osho who is also known as Rajneesh who was born in the year 1931, and it is said that he attained enlightenment just at the age of 21. The philosophies of Osho are widely acclaimed and appreciated. He has a huge number of followers across the Globe. Osho Tapovan mainly focuses on the different retreating programs like Transformation Meditation, Intensive Transformation Meditation, Yoga, Psychotherapy and another healing process. Onsite Spa dedicated to Ayurvedic Principles; books of Osho in English and Hindi are available. 

Lawdo Gompa

The Lawdo Gompa retreat Center offers a different type of meditation experience as it has a touch of adventure too and that is Trekking. There is around two days trekking added with meditation. It is preferred that booking and payments should be done in the Monastery itself. 

Vedic Arogya Ashram 

The Vedic Arogya Ashram offers you to know and enlighten your mind, soul and body. Here you can learn about the various Asanas and the meditation techniques. 

Shree Yoga Retreat 

The best way to calm down is to practice meditation. Shree Yoga Retreat Center helps you learn Meditation plus Yoga under the strict guidance of internationally acclaimed teachers and experts. 

Have a look at the various retreating Centers in Nepal that could help you to learn the basic, origin, history, significance and impact of meditation in our lives. If you do feel dull or have become anxious, you can give yourself a beautiful chance to overcome these problems by the techniques of meditating at Meditation Retreats in Nepal.