The Personal Observances of Yoga for Dynamic Personality


Every day in our life, we come across a number of people, people who look different, have different attitude and belong from different places. Variation is a fantastic trait in human beings. Along with these variations, the theory of evolution is an extremely strong way to distinguish the population. Transformation takes place by various means and for numerous reasons. People get inspired by school education while others may find a religious event highly motivating. There are people, who watch successful people for inspiration while some are awakened by a few incidents in their personal life. Over the course of history, the most significant change-maker has always been Yoga. Ever since Yoga’s origin more than 5000 years ago, the spiritual philosophy has been a guiding light for humans. After enlightening the Indian subcontinent population, Yoga is now getting spread in the whole world.

A similar story of yogic transformation has taken place in my life in the last couple of years. Being a student of the average category, I always used to feel there is something not in me. While the atmosphere around me was not that friendly, a feeling of social alienation was always on the card. Loneliness came to me as a blessing in disguise. I came in contact with the philosophy of Yoga and spirituality while scrolling through YouTube. This is again a contrastingly interesting thing, since Yoga is all about giving up artificial elements, I thought. Anyway, I started watching numerous videos of yogis performing asanas and it became a habit of mine. The way they used to perform difficult asanas enticed me and my soul to a great extent. I got fascinated by the way one can hold his/her focus in Meditation for so long. It was all the indication of a new beginning that was about to arrive.

Although Yoga asanas seem great to me, I am more a Meditation man. I like stillness in life and enjoy sitting at a place for hours focusing my mind. Maybe this has something to do with why I love Test cricket more than T20s. I wasted no time in joining a local Yoga class. Meditation taught me the beauty of concentration and poses made me realize the inner strength I have always had. Two asanas, if I have to mention in particular, Virabhadrasana and Parivrtta Trikonasana are highly motivational in giving me the actualization of being an athlete. I have been addicted to two sports, Tennis and Cricket since childhood. I must confess the fact that Yoga made me confident enough to take up the sports that I love. I consulted my PE teacher and soon, I was in the Tennis team. Interacting with sportspersons of my college in the academy gave a sense of audacity in the mind. I am not going to tell the story of my success in Tennis but I would love to mention that it had a significant impact on my personality.

Being an Indian, Yoga has never been more than a stone’s throw away from me. ‘It was just that I’ve never took it seriously. Now that I am more into Yoga, I love exploring different facets of the ancient science. Last year, I went to Nepal for experiencing Yoga in the Himalayas. Attending a Yoga retreat in Nepal, I realized the importance of spiritual serenity in life. Meeting new people from various countries and faiths opened up my inner conscious in a fascinating fashion. Yoga gave me an outlook of the universe in a way that I have never imagined. It is more about being flexible, knowledgeable, and vibrant.

Yoga has given me everything that I have sought for. Here I am sharing my view in an audacious manner, thanks to yogic exercises that taught me lessons of being dashing. I suggest all those, who are still waiting for an inspiration to take up Yoga, enter into the astonishing world and experience your evolution as a dynamic personality.