The Health Benefits Of Feathered Peacock Pose Pincha Mayurasana


Pincha Mayurasana is a beautiful Yoga exercise that is extremely important for the wellness of the whole body. This is an intermediate level of asana. It is known as Feathered Peacock Pose in English (Pincha= feather, Mayura= Peacock, and Asana= pose). The asana resembles a peacock in the final position. A number of people across the globe enjoy this practice and many Yoga teachers suggest this as a health booster. During the pose, the whole body stands on the forearms, while the rest of the body is in a linear position.

Talking about the health benefits of Feathered Peacock Pose, there are many, among which we will discuss a few.

1. Strengthens the arms

Pincha Mayurasana is an amazing exercise for the hands and arms. Since the asana is all about standing on the forearms, a huge amount of pressure is put on the arms and shoulders. Human arms play an important role in balancing the body in upside-down position. The pair get toned in an astonishing fashion to boost the physical ability and personality of a person. Building of muscles is also a great benefit for the overall body health. While performing the asana, make sure you follow the correct steps to enjoy maximum benefit.

2. Complete body stretching

Feathered Peacock Pose is among those few Yoga asanas that give the body complete stretching. From the abdomen to the shoulders and from the thighs to the arms, almost all parts of the body get a good amount of workout. In keeping the balance of the body, every layer of the body contributes. Thus, after the completion of the asana, one feels enormous revitalization. These body parts also become stronger with regular practice, enhancing the overall strength of the body. Approximately 4-5 minutes of Feathered Peacock Pose can give you enough reason to feel happy about the flexibility of the body.

3. Blood circulation stimulation

Not many physical exercises are as effective as PinchaMayurasana when it comes to strengthening the circulatory system. The asana requires enormous power to let the body stay in an almost upside down position. When the muscles get stretched, there is a smooth flow of blood throughout the body parts. Also, due to heavy breathing, which is obvious after a rigorous exercise session, the heart starts pumping more blood. Purification of blood also takes place side by side in the process. Since the importance of blood is undefinable in the body, the practice of PinchaMayurasana becomes even more significant.

4. Enhances body balance

The balance of the body is of utmost importance when you talk about the health benefits of Pincha Mayurasana. The exercise is all about balancing the weight of the body on the forearms. Although the physical stability of the body is the central point in the asana, one learns the art of balancing the mental and physical energy with the asana as well. The practice boosts one’s confidence also, touching almost all aspects of life. The exercise improves the body physique by strengthening all muscles.

5. Controls stress and anxiety

PinchaMayurasana is a great mind-pacifying exercise. Since the brain comes below the heart during the practice, a substantial amount of blood flow takes place in the mind. This heals it in an amazing way. After spending hours in front of the computer screen, the mind gets exhausted and blood flow takes a rest. PinchaMayurasana allows the blood to reach the brain and activates its working. One forgets about the stressful moments and enters a new world of blissfulness after being rejuvenated by the modified version of Peacock pose.

6. Nourishes the shoulders and other joints

Shoulders play a vital role in the successful practice of PinchaMayurasana. Although the base of the body is placed on the elbows and palms, shoulders give balance to the rest of the body. In fact, many other joints of the body including helps in keeping the body in that unusual position. With daily practice of PinchaMayurasana, the shoulders get strengthened in an awesome way. It is beneficial for one’s health as the shoulders are placed at a very crucial juncture, near the heart. The practice also nurtures the elbows, knees, hips, and toes to give the body enormous reasons to celebrate.

7. Elongates the spine

The spine is one of the biggest beneficiaries of PinchaMayurasana exercise. It gets elongated in a great way to elevate the body fitness. Since the whole body stands on the spine and various other backbones, the practice becomes even more significant. It is suggested that the spine should be straight while performing the asana. Retaining the position of the central body bone for a few minutes gives it much stretching and helps the body enjoy outer confidence. In many ways, the practice of Peacock Pose (Feathered) is beneficial for the whole body as almost all bones and muscles are hugely connected with the spine to form a strong structure.