The Best Morning Yoga Routine for Beginners


Yoga is the one science that has the ability to transform you, your life, and everything you seek for. The health science believes in the principle of mental and physical upliftment, which is the core of overall fitness theory. Yoga is energy, and also the mode of transmitting this energy. Yoga is a way of life, and every path has a destination. To reach the destination, one has to follow certain guidelines that are advocated by Yoga.

Since morning shows the day, one should have a refreshing start with an exotic morning. According to the ancient yogic pieces of literature, a yogi should follow the morning Yoga routine properly in order to keep up with the demand of daily life affairs.

No sleep after sunrise

The first and foremost secret of sattvic living is to wake up early in the morning. Yoga believes, everyone should leave the bed earlier than the sun does and continue with the healthy practices. The sunrise is the serenest moment in a day and the scarlet of the sun can be glimpsed with the highest intensity. The reddish crescent heals the mind and soul with enormous peace, which can only be attained during that time. Plus, when you wake up early, there is no need to hurry up for the rest of the daily tasks.

Drink water

Water is a gem when consumed with an empty stomach in the morning. During night time, many germs and unassimilated food particles get accumulated in the digestive organs. Water cleanses these and helps you make a great beginning of the day. You can have some fruits like apple, grapes, raspberries, orange, etc. after drinking a glass or two of water for getting ready to follow the Yoga asanas exercise.

Yoga asanas to get the day going

Yoga practice in the morning is the best thing one can do. The reason why health experts across the globe advocate Yoga in the morning is, because it is the most peaceful time to pacify the mind and enjoy maximum benefits of Yoga. Let’s look at following Yoga exercises to get ahead with.

  • Mantra Yoga: Begin your day with the vibrant potential energy of AUM mantra to set up a connection with the spiritual significance of Yoga. The creator God is present in the Sanskrit mantras. Spirituality is at its peak during the morning hours and when you produce a soulful vibration of AUM, it runs through the body like a spark to energize the soul.
  • Meditation: Embarking on the tranquility of morning environ, sail through the core of your heart and soul to bring the mind to utter stillness. Close your eyes in Meditation and witness a new world of calmness and equanimity. The practice prepares you to keep your patience for rest of the day and focus on the goals without getting deviated.
  • Pranayama: Get refreshed in a natural way by inhaling pure air in the virgin atmosphere of the morning. Pranayama blesses the whole body with tons of energy by instigating the flow of blood throughout the human framework.
  • Surya Namaskara: The Sun is the god of vitality and spirit, things needed to lead the life with audacity. Welcome the emergence of Aditya Dev with the sequences of Sun Salutation. The Yoga exercise helps you bring vivacity in the body. The sequences act as a good warm up and promote balance in the body. From prayer to physical exercise, Sun Salutation contains almost all practices to begin a salubrious morning with.
  • Trikonasana: The Triangle pose is one of the most beneficial poses to practice in the early hours of the day and is an integral part of morning Yoga routine for beginners. The pose stretches the body muscles that has got constraint in the night and promotes a healthy blood flow to every part of the muscular system.
  • Ustrasana: Ustrasana is Camel Pose that is helpful in opening up all the body parts in one stretch. From the brain to knees and from the throat to chest, a free-flow of energy takes place in almost all sections of the body. This pose will also help in a proper assimilation of food you intake during the course of the daytime.

After you are done with the morning Yoga session, make sure to have a compulsory light breakfast after approx half an hour. A daily Yoga routine for beginners contains vegetarian food and ample liters of water, make sure to follow this for a healthy growth of the body and mind.