The Benefits of Parvatasana Mountain Pose


The ancient science of Yoga is extremely diverse. While on one hand, Yoga is a complete silence, it is an intensive exercise, on the other. One can describe Yoga as a stretching practice, while it is no less a breathing beauty. From physical to spiritual and from mental to social, the India-born science covers the complete demeanor of a human life with its unlimited stock of exercises and philosophies. One of the yogic practices that are immensely suitable for all body types and loaded with a number of benefits is Parvatasana.

What is Parvatasana?

Parvatasana is a simple Yoga practice that is performed in a seated pose. Parvatasana is derived from two Sanskrit words - “Parvat” meaning mountain and “Asana” meaning pose. The body remains in the position of a mountain while practicing this asana, which teaches us to stand solidly in front of every difficulty that comes your way. The beautiful Yoga exercise is the amalgamation of Padmasana and Pranamasana, for one need to indulge in both these poses during an ideal practice of Parvatasana.

Let’s discuss the health benefits of Parvatasana that has the ability to transform your life:

Full body stretching

Stretching the body parts, from the head to toes is among the top priorities that Parvatasana gives to the practitioners. One of the best asanas for muscle stretch, this pose promotes pure blood and oxygen circulation in the muscles to make the whole body enlivened. Arms, thighs and abdomen muscles, in particular, get immense stretching. The exercise elongates the bones to make it strong enough to be balanced and stable. It is also effective for shedding harmful fats and toxins from the body. Enjoy the flow of energy throughout your muscles and bones while you experience the stretching benefits of Parvatasana.

Mental calmness

Peace is in the core teachings of Yoga. Mental serenity is the central aspect of the ancient India-born discipline. While indulging in the beauty of Parvatasana, you attain the position of complete silence with AUM mantra guiding you through the zone of extreme peace. After a long working hour or some sort of disastrous experience, the mind loses its natural state which must be brought into control. Mountain Pose helps one maintain balance in the brain. One’s decision-making power also relies heavily on mental stability. Give this practice at least 15 minutes every morning during the most peaceful environment of the day to enjoy a tranquil state of mind throughout the day.

Spiritual awareness

Parvatasana contains elements of spirituality in a great fashion. The exercise aims to make one highly enlightened with the spiritual knowledge of Yoga with its devotional practice. Living in the vicinity of the eternal God is always an incredible experience since you are completely aware of the happenings around you. The practice connects your mind and body to the soul so that you remain up to date with everything going on in the body. You will be able to know about the demands and needs of your body to make a beautiful living for yourself.

Boosts blood circulation

Blood, after oxygen, is the most important element in the body. Pure blood and its smooth flow is the basis of life. The practice of Parvatasana helps in boosting the ability of the circulatory system to make proper transportation of energy from one cell to another. With daily practice of Parvatasana, one can feel the amazing transformation in the body with an opened up chest to allow the heart to pump more blood. Blood circulation plays a significant role in controlling various diseases as any disorder in the body has a direct connection with the blood and its flow. Feel energized with the Mountain Pose.

Good for muscle pain

Physical work for a long time may result in muscle pain. It hurts a lot and acts as a barrier in the personal development of an individual. With the regular practice of Parvatasana, one can relieve such problems in the body. Blockage of blood circulation is a significant reason for muscle pain which can be treated with the practice of this amazing Yoga pose. One can feel these types of issues in the body commonly- maybe after waking up in the morning or after rising up from the chair following long working hours. If you practice Mountain Pose, it nurtures the legs in a great way to bring the body in ideal motion.

To practice this asana in an ideal way, sit in the position of Padmasana, the cross-legged position with the left foot on the right thigh and vice-versa. Keeping your spine straight, raise your hands in the air to join the palms in Namaskar pose. Close your eyes and concentrate on the spiritual energy you have. A couple of Mantras could make this practice more effective. Enjoy the warmth of yogic energy to attain the astonishing benefits of Mountain Pose.