The Benefits of Mayurasana Peacock Pose


Mayurasana is composed of two Sanskrit words- ‘Mayur’ meaning peacock and ‘asana’, meaning pose. In ancient yogic and devotional texts, a peacock is described as the symbol of love and eternity that this pose promises to offer. The practice of this asana replicates a peacock, due to which it is called Mayurasana or Peacock Pose.

Owing to the amount of energy and skill this pose requires to be practiced perfectly, Mayurasana is considered as an advanced Yoga asana. During the performance of this asana, one needs to hold the body weight on his/her palms. The alignment of the body remains in a straight line, while the arms and the lower hands make right angles at the elbows. In spite of its challenging nature, the asana is practiced by a large group of health-seekers around the world. Here are some of the incredible health benefits of Mayurasana.

Strengthens the arms

There is nothing to wonder about when one talks about the fascinating benefit of Mayurasana for the arms and shoulders. These two parts of the body are primary beneficiaries as the whole weight of the body gets balanced on the arms. Arms and shoulders have great roles to play in the success of this asana which is evidenced by the fact that the practitioner gains a stronger and muscular set of arms. To get the maximum benefits, remain in the posture for 4-5 minutes.

Nourishes digestive organs

When it comes to balancing the body in Mayurasana posture, the abdomen has a fine role to play, since it soaks the pressure attained by the shoulders and the legs to keep the body in a straight life in the air. During the process, digestive organs such as stomach, liver, pancreas, intestines, etc, are toned in a perfect way to improve the digestive power of the body. Effects of a number of digestive problems are mitigated when you practice Peacock Pose every morning in an empty stomach.

Boosts blood circulation in the body

Poor blood circulation is a common phenomenon in today’s world, for the scopes of movements are declining at an astonishing pace. Mayurasana is a great way to better the functions of our circulatory system by sponsoring movement in the internal body parts including the blood vessels. Almost all the body parts get benefitted by the practice of this pose that should be given time in order to get a good flow of blood throughout the body.

Good for diabetes and piles

Mayurasana alleviates the impact of diabetes by reducing the level of glucose in the blood. Since, the asana is an intensive workout that needs a good amount of energy to practice; it utilizes the sugar molecules present in the blood and body. The practice also manages the utilization of carbohydrates in the body along with giving one relief from the problem of piles.

Improves attention

Mayurasana is one of the best exercises for enhancing mental concentration as one need to focus on the body posture to a great extent while delving into this asana. Peacock Pose is an advanced Yoga exercise and it is very important to hold one’s attention during the practice. If you are not able to concentrate your brain on your goals, perform this asana every day in a calming environment to pacify the mind.

Builds self-confidence

In a world of competition, a new culture of being ahead is getting developed. Since, winning and losing are important parts of life; keeping yourself motivated for the next run is again a challenge in itself. The spiritual aspect of Mayurasana helps you attain self-confidence that lets you stand up even after you fall down. Whatever challenges come on the way of your life’s goals, this pose teaches you to fight with them till the last breath.

Enhances wrist flexibility

There is a long list of the physical benefits that Mayurasana offers. Augmenting the flexibility of the wrists and elbows is an important benefit of this pose. For such benefits of peacock pose, it is extremely popular among sportspersons such as cricketers, badminton players, etc. People feeling pain in their hands also practice this asana for getting relief.

Helps maintain the body weight

Mayurasana is an antitoxin Yoga asana. One of the most popular yogic practices, this pose is a great way to shed those extra kilos present in the body. Along with the abdomen muscles, this exercise tones the arms muscles, back muscles as well as thighs muscles. While there are numerous reasons for the accumulation of toxins in the body including poor eating habits and less physical work, Peacock pose stretches almost all body parts to shrug off fats and other unwanted elements.

The goodness of Mayurasana can be described in a number of pages and thousands of words, since it covers all three aspects of human health- physical, mental, and emotional. The practice is a little intensive, for which you need to focus on posture building and then try to attain perfection in the pose.