The 5 Minute Yoga Exercise for Working Professionals


Introduce yoga in your life and see the changes in your habit and daily life. Waking up in the morning and practicing yoga for 5 minutes will impact your overall health and help you keep a keen mind. Most of us wake up in the morning gulping down juice or sipping coffee waiting for the caffeine to take effect, phones ringing, preparing for a busy day. Even if you don’t have enough time the 5-minute yoga in the morning will boost up your energy flow making you confident and energetic for the day.

Yoga helps reduce stress, improves strength and flexibility, reduces fatigue and can help you boost your immune system. Practicing yoga has lots of benefits. Professionals are the ones who need yoga the most as they have limited time because of the boundation of their work. By sparing 5 minutes of their time practicing yoga, their health will improve and will have a calm, composed mind which even makes them excel in their work. Meditation retreat in Nepal is the best place to learn how to meditate as meditation helps you relax and makes your mind keen and composed. As they say, a healthy mind has a healthy body. In this fast pace life we don’t have enough time in our hands but taking a holiday or going for a trip never hurts. Yoga retreat in Nepal is a great way to kick off practicing yoga. It will help you introduce yoga in your daily life. As mentioned earlier, 5-minute yoga in the morning will become an exceptional treasure for your body and mind. So, here are some yoga poses for you to try:

 Legs up the wall 

Loosen up your body and lie down on the yoga mat near a wall. Rest the shoulders and body on the mat and close your eyes. Move your legs up to place them on the wall, at right angle to your body and making sure your lower back does not endure any kind of pain or discomfort. Your back should be in a comfortable state. This pose relieves leg muscles and gives you the advantage of inversion.

 Bridge pose

 Lie flat on your yoga mat and stretch your arms sideways. Bring your legs towards yourself in such a position that your knee goes up your feet and your feet are pressed against the floor. Slowly lift your hips supported by your hands holding them under your lower back. Now bring your chest towards your chin and you could also place your head upon a light pillow so that the exercise might not strain your neck. This exercise is full body bridge inversion and it strengthens the neck, chest, and spine. It is great for your muscular strength.

Child’s pose

 You should fold your knees and sit on your feet, breathe deeply and lower down your head to touch the floor. Relax for a while and try to keep your arms behind your back and rest your forehead on the yoga mat. It helps you release tension from your shoulders and give relief to your lower back. 

Mountain pose


 Inhaling raise your arms above aligning with your shoulders. Take three long deep breaths and focus on your arms keeping them safe. Try to reach up while exhaling but you should drop your ribcage and shoulder blades down to create more length for your neck muscles as you look straight.

Lotus pose

You should be sitting in a straight position and place your legs on top of one another. Your back should be straight and your palms should be joined together forming a prayer pose. Inhale and exhale deeply. This pose helps you free your mind and makes your mood lighter and positive.

So, introduce a little yoga in your life and experience the changes. You will be more lively and energetic. Namaste!

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