Steps and Benefits of Pranamasana Prayer Pose


Pranamasana is an integral part of Surya Namaskar, being the first and last asana in the sequence. The practice is also an intrinsic element of the Indian culture and many other Southeast Asian countries including Thailand, Myanmar, Nepal, etc. This is a sign of respect to elders, God and guests in Indian Dharmic religions. Pranamasana is made of - ‘Pranam’, meaning prayer (or a respectful greeting) and ‘Asana’, meaning pose. Many people practice this asana early in the morning but it can also be performed during sunrise to enjoy the energy of the Sun in an addendum.

How to perform the Prayer Pose? Pranamasana steps:

Before beginning this asana, make sure you are in a still environment with no disturbance.

  • Stand on the Yoga mat with both feet together and the body erect.
  • Keep all body parts, from neck to ankle in a straight line.
  • Bring your hands at the chest to join the palms facing each other in Namaskar.
  • Closing your eyes, breath deep to feel relaxed and animated.
  • Chant AUM while concentrating on the central brain. You can also utter Om Suryaya Namah if you are practicing in front of the rising Sun.

While the practice of this yogic exercise is not so difficult, it is of enormous importance when it comes to enhancing one’s overall identity and physical health. Have a look at some of the astounding benefits of Pranamasana that have a great impact on the proper development of one’s physical, mental and spiritual temperament.

Alleviates stress and anxiety

Pranamasana is the practice of peace, it is a storehouse of serenity. As the practice of Meditation and Savasana, Pranamasana takes the mind into the zone of extreme silence. There are a number of ways to experience tranquility with the Prayer pose. You can include this practice in your daily morning schedule or can urge for instant calmness by practicing anytime during the day. When practiced facing the Sun, the brain soaks the purity and soulful energy of the sunlight to vitalize the whole body. Do not let work pressure and stress stop you from achieving your life’s success with the daily performance of Pranamasana.

Promotes positivity

Pranamasana, as discussed is a traditional greeting is all about positiveness. It teaches you to stay optimistic even in a very harsh situation. The asana boosts self-belief in you by nurturing your brain in the most amazing way. The practice is all about leading your way to the height of success without getting demoralized in the middle. The energy that originates from within is the embodiment of hope. In this highly competitive environment, it is quite common to get disheartened after a series of defeats. When you practice the exercise of Pranamasana, you learn how to accept these defeats and move forward with new spirit.

Develops modesty in one’s character

Yoga and its philosophies have been teaching the art of being modest and humble since the Vedic era. Modesty plays a crucial role in building personality of a person. It prepares one to be mature and have a good character. The core element of Pranamasana is rooted in the idea of decency and sobriety, the basic principles of Yoga. While joining your palms in Namaskar pose, you devote yourself to the service of God, in the eyes of whom all are equal. Respect for each and every creature on the planet is what you learn and there is nothing better than being polite to experience the world as a beautiful planet.

Nourishes body muscles

Standing is an exercise. Joining hands for a few minutes is also a part of the physical exercise. And above all, feeling the warmth of sunlight is considered to be a great workout, since it creates sweat to extract all those unwanted toxins from the body. To attain physical perfection, let your muscles and bones feel the strain of standing for a long time. The practice enhances the ability of your thighs and legs to stay stable. The prayer pose elongates the spine as well to improve the body structure. Arms muscles and its bonding with the bones get strengthened with the regular exercise of Pranamasana.

Sponsors balance between the mind and body

Inner consciousness is what one gains when he includes this beautiful practice in his life. Such kinds of awareness come from the balance of physical and mental energy in the body. The practice opens your inner eye to see things around you in a clear picture and act accordingly. When your brain is associated with the body, you are in a state of complete conscious. Connect your soul and mind with the actions of your inner body parts to reach the height of mental unity with a few minutes of Pranamasana practice every day. The exercise is also a great way to stay calm and composed all the time.