Steps and Benefits of Pawanmuktasana Gas Release Pose


Considering today’s lifestyle, we all are extremely focused and goal oriented and amidst all this, the least we do is to maintain our health. Self-care is somewhere struggling at the bottom of our priority list which results in ailments, unstable emotions and more. To clear the ruckus and agitation of falling sick or maintaining good health, the ancient age-old practice of yoga is always there to help.

It was in India that the ancient art of yoga was born and the holistic art has been a true healer in every sense since its inception. The extensive and intense practice of yoga comprises of eight major aspects, asana being one of those. Among the array of yoga poses that are present, Pawanmuktasana or Gas Release Pose is quite a popular one. It is a reclined pose that is suitable for everyone whether an expert or novice.

Here we learn the steps along with the benefits of pawanmuktasana:

About Pawanmukhtasana

Pawanmukhtasana is a wind liberating pose that can be practiced by anyone. It helps to release digestive gases from the stomach and intestine with great ease in order to cure and prevent digestion related issues. The pose is also known as One-Legged Knee-to-Chest Pose and is advisable to perform the pose in the morning to release all the trapped gasses.

Pawanmuktasana Steps

• Lie flat on the floor on your back with feet kept together and arms placed beside the body.
• Now take a deep breath and as you breathe out, fold your legs upward, ensuring the sole of the feet are placed firmly on the floor.
• Now bring the knees towards the chest, and press the thighs on the abdomen.
• Make sure your head and neck are relaxed, shoulder placed firmly on the floor, and hips should be off the floor.
• Clasp your hands around the legs such that you’re hugging your knees.
• Now be comfortable in the pose, hold it for 30-40 seconds while breathing normally.
• Every time you breathe in to loosen the grip, and every time you breathe out to tighten the grip of your hands to increase the pressure on the chest.
• Now breathe out, release the pose and relax.

Health Benefits of Gas Release Pose

Benefits the Abdominal Region

Practicing the asana regularly bring a lot of benefits, especially to the abdomen region. The asana strengthens the abdominal muscles, massages the intestines, stimulates organs and improves digestion. Unhealthy digestion leads to a lot of health issues but with the practice, you can prevent many digestive problems including the release of the trapped gases, prevent bloating, acidity, growling of the stomach and more.

Strengthens and Tones Muscles

As mentioned the asana is great for strengthening and toning the abdominal muscles, back muscles, arms and legs muscles and also stimulates the pelvic muscles. Strong muscles keep bones strong and dense, reduces body fat, etc. to name a few. The asana is also beneficial for relaxing the neck and back muscles and eases the tension from the area.

Enhances Blood Circulation

Improved blood flow means enhanced oxygen supply to the body and the pose does the same. The pose is extremely beneficial and improves circulation of the blood in the hip region. This helps to enhance hip mobility, loosen tight hips, improve flexibility and prevent injuries.

Helps in Reducing Fat

Gas release pose is a great way of reducing fat from the waist, thighs, hips and abdominal area. The pose is highly beneficial for burning lower body fat especially the belly. While performing the asana, the thighs put pressure on the abdomen region and hence reduce the fat. It enhances digestive functioning that improves metabolism and supports fat reduction.

Amazing Pose for Women

The pose is beneficial for women, but they should not perform during menstruation and pregnancy. The wind releasing pose stimulates the reproductive organs hence proves to be therapeutic for fertility. The asana also helps to cure menstrual disorders.

Note: Health benefits of Pawanmukhtasana are endless but the asana must be avoided by people with recent abdominal surgery, hernia or piles issue, pregnant women, menstruating women, and those who are suffering from a heart problem, high blood pressure, slip disc and testicle disorder.

As you perform Pawanmukhtasana steps you feel lighter inside, the pressure build up is extremely relaxing to the body, mind and soul. The asana makes us realize that how our body is able for self-healing.

Perform the pose daily for enhancing the functioning of the body, especially the abdominal organs, and be at ease throughout the day.