7 Days Yoga Retreat In Nepal


  • Program Category: Yoga Retreats
  • Duration: 7 Days
  • Date: 10-Jan-2020 To 31-Dec-2021
  • Area: Infinity Resort Lake Side (Sedi Height)
  • Food: Vegetarian
  • Surrounding Area: Mountain


The heavens are myth, but Nepal is real! Come away on a journey of the body and soul amidst the reverberating peace of the Himalayas. When ennui and exhaustion happening from one’s day to day gut wrenching struggle starts to set in, look out to catch this retreat break. Spend your days amidst the Himalayan grandeur, looking inwards-- performing beautiful yogic postures, meditation for centering the mind, sonorous mantras invoking the auspicious, and pranayama to own your breath, to come out refreshed and strengthened from inside. The Pokhara locale for retreat is tantalizingly set amidst nature untouched. The crystal waters of the Phewa Lake is just a few steps away and the Annapurna range bound in snow looks on from afar with many amazing hiking trails snaking away in the distance. The streets are lined with posh cafes opening up to the resplendence of the blue mountains-- somewhere you can just be and chill. Nepal is home to two significant spiritual traditions-- Hinduism and Buddhism. Spending 7 days of undisturbed peace and learning in the country, you will have much to know and absorb. This retreat is definitely beginner-friendly, feel free to hop on even if you have not done a down-dog in your entire life!


Caught in the snares of a highly demanding lifestyle, we often lose sight of ourselves. Preoccupied mostly with superficial goals, a strange kind of alienation takes place between the soul and how we live our lives on earth, resulting in deep seated tiredness which is not only physical. The 7 days retreat out in the wilds of Nepal is all about detoxifying from the very roots and reconnecting with our inner spirit. Introduction to yoga and meditation and laying a foundation for a lifelong practice of the discipline is the main goal. In addition, participants are pampered with deeply nourishing yogic food, and offered consultation on different health issues through Yoga Healing techniques.

Here is a brief look of the program:

Meditation- Silence the drama and disquiet in your mind with two sessions of guided meditation a day. The teacher will gauge the parameters of different forms of meditation in these sessions over 7 days-- Mantra chanting, Mindfulness, Breath awareness, Zen, Transcendental, and other forms.

Cleansing Yoga Therapy- Sequences marked for their cleansing effect on the body, comprising postures like-- the Spine Twist, Wide-Legged Forward, the Locust, the Plow, Revolved Chair Pose, and many more are selected for this yoga session. The idea is to improve circulation and ease you into the fluid movements. 

Ayurveda Therapy- Ayurveda is the five thousand years old mind-body holistic approach to health and heartiness, mainly employing a plant-based diet, exercise, and wellness-oriented lifestyle modifications. In this segment, you will receive soothing Shirodhara head massages with herbal oils, nasally or orally administered herbal medication, whole body oleation and sudation, and vata-pitta-kapha dosha rebalancing ayurvedic therapy.

Restorative Hatha Yoga- Restorative yoga is a completely different subgenre of general Hatha Yoga. Participants get to slow down and open their bodies through passive stretching in this session. In a restorative class, you may hardly move at all!

Spinal Problem Oriented Yoga- Weak posture is often the root cause of discomfort and acute back ache. Effective in enhancing spinal flexibility and greatly increasing mobility in the back, this yoga sequence is for everyone fatigued from many months of deskbound work.

Hot and Cold Therapy- Hot and cold compresses for paining joints is effective in ayurvedic cure.

Abhyanga Massage- Abhyanga is an ayurveda approved massage technique that works by stressing on various pressure points present in the body. It is generally administered with warm herbalised oil and infusion.

Consultation with Qualified Ayurvedantists- You can approach the Yogshala’s in-house ayurvedic doctors to get a diagnosis on your condition as per the rules of the tri-dosha. Deficiency in specific nutrition can be detected by examining your doshic makeup and medication or therapy can be prescribed accordingly. Your ayurvedic consultants can also draw up a diet chart that’s good for you to follow.

Morning Pranayama- Pranayama is the way of putting your mind and will to each of your passing breath. This increases one’s capacity to concentrate and also holds benefits for circulation and related aspects of physical health. Morning pranayama looking across to the mountains is blissful in itself!

Day Trip- Pokhara is full of scenic places, located within day tripping distance from the retreat center. Group excursions with your fellow retreaters like a Phewa Lake rowing trip in Pokhara could be of great fun.

Trekking- The Annapurna, Dhauladhar, and Manaslu mountains surround Pokhara with a number of treasured trekking destinations to explore. This is your chance to capture some of the most gorgeous corners in this part of the world in frame. Stunning peak views, proximity to wildlife in the Annapurna conservation area, and the exquisiteness of local Nepali life.

Karma Yoga Project- Karma Yoga is the idea of performing actions without expectation or attachment to the fruits of them. Karma Yoga can begin with community services or helping out the poor. Find orientation to Karma Yoga while on the retreat by cleaning the lakeside of the Phewa or inside school premises.

Night Stay at Sarangkot Valley- Sarangkot Valley is located at a higher altitude and offers closer views of the magnificent Himalayas. The night scenes are especially awe-inspiring in these mountain highs. 


  • Hatha Yoga

What Makes this Program Special?

This 7 days retreat in Nepal offers a brief interlude between the activities of your demanding lifestyle with yoga and meditation. Set against the backdrop of the blue mountains, valleys, and rivers, the retreat home is like a cocoon of peace. Besides learning the basics of yoga and soulful meditation, you also get to detoxify ayurvedically.

Here are the highlights--

  • Introduction to Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga, Pranayama, and Meditation.
  • Ayurvedic massages for reviving your life force.
  • Philosophical learnings-- readings from relevant sutras and discourse.
  • Yogic cleansing rituals for upping your energy levels.
  • Three sattvic and vegetarian healthy meals a day full of nutritional boosters.
  • A picturesque locale overlooking the mountains, and the Phewa Lake at a short distance from here.
  • Delightful company of like-minded yoga people.
  • A much refreshing vacation in the peace and comfort of the yoga home.


The retreat recommends a well planned diet for the participants, ensuring harmony for the body-mind with nature. Organic, plant-based food sourced from farm fresh produces and skillfully prepared by professional chefs guarantee great taste and nutrition. Crunchy salads, fresh greens in curries and stews, sliced and juiced fruits, dash of quality herbs for garnish, and a lot of hydration with fresh squeezed juices completes the everyday wholesome yogic diet. Balanced servings of nutrition, low oil content, and food cooked by nutrition retaining ayurvedic culinary techniques make this week-long diet extremely effective for restoring lost health and wellness. Inform the center in prior for availing vegan diets.


Clean and comfortable lodging, provided with modern amenities, spacious quarters, and round the clock maintenance, the accommodation for the retreat is truly gratifying. Also, set amidst the scenic brilliance of the mountains, it is a perfectly conducive setting for engaging in-depth in spiritual practices. There are attached verandas to some rooms for spending some quality me-time under the gaze of the mountains and 24x7 Wi-Fi to stay connected with folks back home, though a digital detox is recommended. Large windows offering sweeping views of the valley never lets the mountains go out of sight. The property has a lush patch of vegetation where students love to sit out. Private washrooms, light fan, and tasteful furnishings make the quarters comfortably inhabitable. The rooms are available on both single and sharing basis.


A relaxed and proportionate daily retreat curriculum with time slots allocated for asana, pranayama, and meditation on one hand, and recreational day trips, treks, and introspective me-time on the other makes this retreat ideal for a week-long rejuvenating yoga holiday.

The main learning segments of the curriculum are--

  • Hatha and Ashtanga beginner level approaches-- the foundational values and movement styles of yoga.
  • Assisted asana lessons with hands-on adjustment and alignment.
  • Morning and evening meditation in the calm atmosphere of the Himalayas.
  • Outdoor yoga at sunrise - Surya Namaskara.
  • Pranayama aimed at breath purification and inner body cleansing.
  • Outdoors self-practice in the open lawns.
  • Healthy eating.
  • Introduction to health tips of ayurveda and ayurvedic cooking.
  • Laughter Yoga
  • Day trips and excursions

What’s Included

  • 7 days accommodation with amenities in clean and hygienic quarters
  • Three meals a day, served with nutritive herbal drinks
  • 2 Ayurvedic massages
  • Consultation
  • Excursion
  • Yoga Alliance Certification

What’s not Included

  • Airport and railway/ bus station transfers
  • Nepal visa fees


She is a native of Pokhara and can tell you volumes about the rich yogic heritage of the country. Certified on graduating an YTTC from the Yogshala, Dipika should be the perfect guide in taking the next step on your journey of learning yoga. She presides at the sessions on pranayama and healing.


Warm, friendly, and full of joy, Deepa Ji instructs the meditation sessions at the centre. She has many years of experience on the yogic path and has been a close associate with the Yogshala. Students love to open up to her and lay bare their discontentment, only to be transformed with joy.


A master of Hatha and Ashtanga yoga, he knows how to make yoga sequences suitable to your level of experience and ability. Rohithaksha can make beginners feel extremely welcome and ease them into the more dynamic movements safely.


Center partner to Rishikul Yogshala, Infinity Resort of Pokhara is attractively situated on the hill top. Winsome views of the Annapurna Mountains give this resort its auspicious good vibes. Serenity oozes from all corners in this beautiful locale and yogis feel the atmosphere to be extremely conducive for culturing mindfulness. It’s a 24 acres spacious property on verdant lands, and the focal point of Pokhara’s tourism- the Phewa Lake is not very far from here. Besides basic facilities, the resort also has a big swimming pool, a patch of flowering garden, an in-house spa, and a community dining. You can choose from private, twin deluxe, double deluxe, and infinity suite here.

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Cancellation policy

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  • A deposition in advance is non-refundable on cancellation of the booking.
  • The remaining fees can be paid on arrival.