200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

  • Retreat Type: Yoga Teacher Training
  • Duration:
  • Date: From 01-January-1970 To 01-January-1970
  • Area: Nepal, Bagmati, Banepa
  • Food: Organic,Ayurvedic
  • Surrounding Area: Near to Beach,Forest

Let the transformative journey of yogic happiness unfold at the center of world’s meditation learning in Pokhara, Nepal. In the mesmeric embrace of the Annapurna Range surrounding you in its glittering glory, the blissful lakes, forests, and enchanting valleys, one can find the mantra of everlasting peace and love everywhere on this 200 hour yoga teacher training in Nepal.

Proper food that agrees with unique body constitutions and nutrition requirements is important for the success of one’s yogic discipline. We, at the center, stick to a kosher Ayurvedic diet of succulent seasonal vegetables, salads, detoxifying drinks and beverages, along with delectable platters of Indian home-cooked meals rich in beneficial herbs and spices. Gratifying to the taste buds and preservative for health, the food at our 200 hour yoga alliance in Nepal helps the students stay real strong in their discipline.

A comfortable resort amidst a breathtaking mountain panorama with all the simple demands of a carefree stay appropriately met, that’s what our 200 hour yoga teacher training Nepal accommodation is all about. Clean and hygienic rooms with attached washrooms, twin beds, geyser-warm water, TV, and 24×7 Wi-Fi availability, in addition to a great scenery out the window to match, you are going to love your stay at our venue while being able to fully immerse in the yogic discipline.


    • Hatha and Ashtanga, the two foundational styles of yoga form the core of the education at our 200 hour yoga course in Nepal. An introduction to the learning of these classical styles will make a practitioner suitable for adapting all other derivative styles of yoga.
    • Study of yoga in the context of human anatomy to decipher the effects and implications of each minute movement and motion brought in the body. Fine tuning alignment cues and adjustment of joints and musculoskeletal structures should also be informed by anatomy which this segment teaches.
    • Understanding yoga by the power of seminal Vedanta texts amply paraphrased and annotated at textual discussions held by Sanskrit-knowing experts.
    • Restoring the state of mental equilibrium and balance through meditation.
    • Pranayama (breath-based) practice to bring about a thorough purification of the body-mind, utilizing full value of the 200 hour yoga certification in Nepal.
    • Carefully created time and ambiance for self-led practices to deepen the connection with the Atman.
    • Preparation as a teacher of the yogic subjects with guidance in curriculum formulation, voice modulation for the asana or meditation instruction, usage of yoga props for maximizing the benefits and minimizing the risk of injury, and a primer on ‘teaching methodology’.
    • Guided excursions and visits.