How Yoga Leads to Mindful Living

“Mindfulness is a way of befriending ourselves and our experiences.”- Jon Kabat-Zinn

The time and age is demanding, and want us to always run errands, complete to-do-lists, meet deadlines, etc. Multitasking is the order of the day, where we have no time for ourselves and to live in the present. The circumstances put our health at stake, where the dire need for wellness and mindfulness makes its space.

The rush to accomplish everything makes us lose the exceptional and delicate connection with self and the present moment, because we simply are not aware of what we’re doing or how we’re feeling. There’s no time. Run, run, run and keep on running till you finish your goals seems to be the mantra these days. The result – we are totally disconnected from ourselves.

Yoga is the ultimate way to stay connected with the self and leads us to live a life of mindfulness. This can be done easily with a soulful escape at a yoga retreat in Nepal, India, Thailand, or at any other yogic land.

Here we noted down how yoga helps to have a mindfulness living.

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness or the awareness of now (present) is essential to have that non-judgemental acceptance about self and of what simply life is. Mindfulness is an art of observing and learning from the experiences instead of categorizing it as bad or pleasant. There is nothing great beyond the feeling of relishing and be present in the moment. Just be aware of the moment, experience it, feel it with all senses, notice, accept, and this is the simple way of being mindful. Mindfulness is not only an activity, but it also applies to your feeling, thoughts, sensation and physical surroundings, and needs to be practiced with acceptance and compassion.

How Yoga Helps?

You must have heard of the term mindfulness during a yoga session, as yoga is the ideal modus that helps you to lead mindful living. Mindfulness is not a technique to provide oneself bliss, but rather a method of discovering inner and eternal peace.

Yoga is the way out to guide you towards the method and let you make the ultimate discovery. Yoga initiates the balance of the body and mind, brings calmness to the soul, quietens the mind and thoughts, stabilizes emotions and feelings, and frees you from physical pain. The holistic practice of asana, pranayama, and meditation bring stillness, connect to your breath, relaxes you, acknowledge senses, observe and mend the gaps. During a yoga retreat in Nepal, you get ample time to adapt all these in you and your lifestyle.

Bring Mindfulness to the Mat?

When on the mat make each of your moves a mindful one and bring more of it to your practice. Practice asanas, noticing the sensation with every move, bend or twist, and acknowledge of what you feel while doing the same like anger, tension, boredom or impatience is important. Instead of reacting, just observe and acknowledge. Mindfulness is an essential aspect of yogic practice, and yoga helps you be one. Both of it completes each other, and the practice makes us mindful even off the mat. With it, practice mindfulness meditation to ignite awareness and consciousness of the self and the present moment.

Benefits of Yoga and Mindfulness

As mentioned, yoga and mindfulness complete each other and have various advantages for the body, mind, spirit and overall wellbeing.

The practice improves physical health, as it alleviates a lot of ailments and physical illnesses including keeping blood pressure in control, reducing stress, improving quality of sleeping, and reducing chronic pain.

It also effects the mental wellbeing, as the practice keeps negative emotions at bay including anxiety, depression, stress, etc. It boosts mood, brings positivity, makes you enthusiastic and transforms your overall state of mind.

Yoga and mindfulness prove to have a calming impact on the soul, as the practice brings tranquillity, stillness, and awareness and lets us make the most out of the present opportunities.

Developing Mindfulness with Yoga

Now the question comes up, how to develop mindfulness or become more aware of the moment with yoga. With the yoga breathing technique, one can achieve that and develop the same. Postures and Pranayama is the way out to sync the mind, breath, and body together that lets an individual stay more connected and aware of the present moment, and let go of toxicity, stress, and negativity.

The more you learn and practice during a yogic vacation with a yoga retreat in Nepal, the more you inculcate a feeling of mindfulness inside you.

Imbibe Mindfulness in Life

Apart from yoga practice, there are plenty of ways that help you to practice mindfulness and at the same time enhances the yogic practice that includes journaling, spending ‘me’ time, do things that you love the most, and more.

Be still, connect with the ‘self’, eat carefully, take a break, listen and feel, acknowledge the senses, observe, and delve deeper into the world of mindfulness living.