How To Find The Best Spiritual Retreat in Nepal


Little did people know about the different practices, religious efforts, separate beliefs, traditional belongings, and varied origins. Nepal is one of the biggest examples of living up gracefully to the phrase of “unity in diversity”, which is why if you visit Nepal, you will find that there is no discrimination, no distinguished entities, rather a dissolvable mix of two beautiful beliefs which resulted in making a strong spiritual center.

The land of Buddha may be peaceful, but it also inherits the underrated beauty of the world’s most exciting, dangerous, and highest mountains peaks like that of Mount Everest. Other than that, there are many UNESCO World Heritage sites lighting up the atmosphere since ages, and overcoming all natural disasters with the blink of an eye. In this adventurous yet spiritual land, tourists, travelers, yogis, come from places all around the world to witness the transforming abilities of Nepal.

Now, if you are making a challenging choice to reform yourself, one thing you don’t want to compromise on is the retreat center. The overall transformation begins at a legitimate place which delivers what it promises, but how to find that out? Let us help you out with ways to shortlist the best spiritual retreat in Nepal.

What to consider finding the best spiritual retreat in Nepal?

1. Location

Had there been a different learning program, the need to find an exotic location wouldn’t have been of utmost importance, but in this case where your self-care and nourishment is of top priority, then a perfect location like Nepal plays a huge role to give you what you deserve.

From the many choices of famous adventurous activities of trekking, hiking which contribute immensely to your spiritual upliftment. The wanderlusts also explore the architectural beauty of temples and Gompas, the historical appliances, their traditional stories, and the list goes on.

A location benefits only when you have the option to discover other options too, which can work like a treat before or after your retreat program.

2. Yoga Alliance Certified

Do not ignore this golden rule. If a Yoga retreat center which is offering you meditation or spiritual retreats is not Yoga Alliance certified, then the most-likely chances are that the center is either not good enough or not very well experienced. Therefore, go for a recognized place which has professional, hands-on knowledge, skills, expertise, practice and wisdom to give a rejuvenating sense.

3. Ambiance

Warm, airy, and light-hearted atmosphere again plays a key role to bring out the best in you during or after the retreat. An ambient open-space which you can connect with, and a vibrant place which uplifts your aura, and give you the confidence that you can come out as a changed, better person.

4. Curriculum

Go for an educational place which ticks all your requirements!

Before you sign-up for your spiritual retreat program in excitement, maintain the calm to read through the pages, the schedule, the curriculum, the food, accommodation, the budget, and of course the safety precautions. It is crucial to not be blindsided by the hype if the curriculum does not guarantee you relaxation, ayurvedic treatment, meditation, pranayama(deep-breathing) activities, therapeutic yoga, and more.

Compare the charts, and decide your favorite retreat center ‘which covers all the boxes’.

5. Teachers

Well experienced, reputed and admired teachers or yoga-gurus who have practiced the art and science of Yoga for years are the ones that can make a huge impact on your lives. A spiritual journey may be shaky if the path that you are shown is not the right way to move forward. It is a fragile concept which cannot be played around with.

So if you are going for good teachers, they will only guide you to carve your own path, by shaping it up and refining you with their own wisdom. Teachers are important to become aware of the yogic principles, the lifestyle to nurture a way to look within, to gain mental and physical clarity, or to increase focus and concentration while doing so.

6. Reputation and Reviews

Make for strong research which filters the best of the best yoga centers for you. A wise man will look at the picture from all angles, rather than just one, similarly, you cannot move away from the bad reviews even if you love the location. Do consider it, because the reputation of any yoga school can decide your development to a large extent.

We know you don’t want to end up at a place which is disappointing and does not live up to your expectations or standards.

Make your spiritual path a movement, a walk to remember!