How to Find Best Yoga Teacher Training Program in Nepal


The world of yoga is a well-timed solution to the problems of mankind of the century. It is an ancient practice that originated in ancient India, by yogis who had a greater cause in mind. Today, yoga is everywhere, all over the world there are plenty of yoga enthusiasts joining the world yoga association each year.

Yoga has well travelled across the west from the eastern home and has brought about a holistic change and balance into the lives of people. The benefits of yoga have lead to people wanting to share the knowledge with the people around them.

If you are a yoga enthusiast and have decided to become a yoga teacher, here’s all you need to get that certification.

Nowadays a lot of foreign destinations are making room for retreats and yoga teacher trainings, but my humble suggestion would be heading to Nepal to get you that certificate. Why Nepal you say? Well, Nepal is one country that hosts most of the mighty Himalayan mountain ranges (largest mountain ranges in the world). It is rejuvenation and a rebirth of its own if you can fill your lungs with the pristine air of the pure Himalayas and cleanse your inner body of any kind of pollution.

After all Prana (breath) is the only element that plays a part in the unification of the body and mind. As yoga is a Sanskrit word, which means (the union), it actually means the unification of the Body and the mind. Because it is the unification of the body and the mind is what leads you towards the spiritual existence within you. And what would be better than breathing in the pure air of the mighty Himalayas into your bodies to enrich your zeal and energies.

So how do you choose the best yoga teacher training in Nepal?

A lot of factors come into play when it comes to choosing the best yoga teacher training.

You must ask yourself questions like:

1. What style of yoga is best suited for my personality and physicality?

There are many styles of yoga. And if you are planning to get a yoga teacher training you must already know these styles and have made a choice for yourself. When you choose a style for yourself, make sure you have done research about the style before hand and have at least attended some yoga sessions in that style.

2. What are the yoga schools in Nepal that tend to my style of yoga?

There are many yoga schools in Nepal; it may be a little confusing to choose the yoga school that tends to your style. I would suggest that you jot down the names of the schools that tend to your style first; and then start with the short listing on the basis of factors like fees, history, reputation, teachers etc.

3. What reputation does the history of the school (that I have in mind) uphold?

Once you have done your short listing. Research your school and find the history of the school. The history and reviews that are left for the particular schools tells you a lot about the kind of seriousness that they have with their practice and teachings.

4. Has there been any kind of inconvenient cases in this school?

Now most of these cases will not be posted in the internet, and the reception to these schools will not tell you it, but if you find even one review that hints to something inconvenient that happened in the past, make sure that you do more research.

5. Who are the teachers that are teaching the course?

Learn about your teachers (I cannot emphasize on this enough). You should know who you are learning with. There may be teachers who have just received their certification, and chances are that they are not very well experienced in the field of teaching, where as another school may have experienced teachers of yoga training the new batch of teachers. Do some research about your teachers?

6. Are they certified enough to train yoga teachers?

Again, your research will tell you how experienced they are in the field of Yoga. Follow them on social media sites to learn more about them and know their daily routines if possible.

7. Are they legit teachers?

A teacher will tell you all the nooks and corners of possible mistakes while doing the simplest asana. Be on the lookout for that. A long period of experience teaches them these corrections that a new teacher may not be able to see.

8. How does the curriculum of the course pan out?

What is your daily routine? How does your curriculum look like every day? Does your curriculum focus on working on your style? And if yes, for how much time does it engage in that practice?

9. What is the schedule of the training?

Try to pick a schedule based on the number of students attending the schedule. If your session has too many students try to change your schedule and try to find place in a class that has fewer students. After all, the fewer the students, the more attention you will receive.

10. What are the morals and ideals of the school that you choose?

And most importantly, read about the philosophies of the school on their official website. Read the ideals o the teachers on the website too, it tells a lot about the morals and ideologies that the school follows and it also tells you about the amount of seriousness they take this holistic practice with.

Yes there is quite a lot of research that you have to put into deciding the right school to train yourself as a yoga teacher because you will not be taking this training time and again, so when you do it once, you must make sure that, you do it right.