How to Choose a Perfect Yoga Teacher Training In Nepal


Nepal is a very popular destination for Yoga education. It is one of the most fascinating countries where people stop over for a Yoga program. Located in the lap of the Himalayas, the country is a dreamland for all those seeking yogic knowledge of the highest level. Being home to one of the oldest civilizations, Nepal is also a historically and culturally rich nation. All these factors contribute to Nepal being the most astonishing nation for Yoga tourism.

Here, we will talk about a few things you should be looking for when selecting a perfect Yoga teacher training in Nepal.

Get prepared for the Nepal experience

Preparedness is a must whenever you are going to start a new journey. Yoga training is a journey of life through the heart and soul of a person. Since you have chosen Nepal as the destination of your Yoga training, it is important to know this country well in the beginning. Explore its geographical and climatic conditions to know about what to carry while visiting the nation. List out the places you wish to visit in Nepal. And more importantly, you should get at have a little knowledge of Yoga and its history so that you don’t feel like an out-of-the-world creature in the training class.

Select the best location

For a Yoga program to be successful, it is very important that you enjoy the ambiance around you. If you are not comfortable with the location and its atmosphere, you can’t benefit from the Yoga event you are participating in. There are many places for Yoga education in Nepal. You can choose the best one according to your proclivity. Pokhara is the most popular Yoga destination in Nepal. If you want to interact with a large yogi crowd, Pokhara is the place to be in. Plus, the city of Pokhara is an ideal place for nature lovers. Kathmandu is yet another popular site of yogic importance. Since it is the capital city of Nepal, you will find many luxurious resorts and Yoga centers here. Lumbini, Nagarkot, Janakpur, etc. are some of the many places people go for Yoga training programs.

Opt for your preferred subject of training

Yoga is not just a science but a collection of different subjects. While the general Yoga TTC covers all the major yogic subjects, you can choose a program that offers your choice of Yoga form. Suppose you want to be a Hatha Yoga teacher then, opt for a school offering the same. This is why a student is suggested to look for a program that is concentrated on a particular subject. There are multiple Yoga schools organizing regular Yoga programs on selected matters. Meditation teacher training, Ashtanga Yoga training, Adjustment and Alignment training, etc. are some of the programs you might be interested in. You will find all sorts of training events in various cities of Nepal.

Consider the Yoga school’s stature

How popular the Yoga school is, what about its affiliation, what’s the history of the Yoga center- these are a few questions which you should have answers to. You should know everything about the Yoga schools you are considering. It is recommended that you make a list of all major Yoga schools in the city of your preference. Take help from the internet or your friends who have been to Nepal for this. Explore the websites of all these Yoga organizations. Search if they are teamed up with Yoga Alliance (or a global certification agency) or not. Yoga Alliance is the world’s most prestigious Yoga certification platform.

A school’s stature can be defined by the number of years it has been in the field of Yoga education. If the Yoga house is organizing Yoga TTC for more than a year, you can trust its authenticity. It’s also very important to ask them about their curriculum. Compare the curriculum of various schools and go for the one that resonates with your choice of study. You can also go through the feedback section to get a closer outlook of previous students’ experience at the schools. All these give you a clear picture of which Yoga teacher training you should attend.

Consider the teachers experience

Teachers are undoubtedly the most important part of a teaching program. Where there is education there is a teacher. If you are looking to get the most fascinating experience of learning the purest form of Yoga, you are advised to be in the shadow of time-served teachers. More than the school, it is the Yoga master who matters. Being the birth land of Gautama Buddha, Nepal enjoys the presence of thousands of devoted and learned Yoga teachers, who have spent years in the lap of the Himalayas. A master who has been teaching the spiritual philosophy for a couple of years is great for you. You’ll learn a wider aspect of Yoga in his/her vicinity.

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