How To Choose A Perfect Yoga Retreat In Nepal


Getting what you wish for, is both fulfilling and satisfying! When it comes to Yoga Retreats, the choices are many, but the likes are limited. Plus the arising questions of- Is it worth the money? Do I really have to monitor myself? Will I come out as a transformed person or yogi?

We have got you covered, as Yoga is definitely the solution to each of your question.  A Yoga retreat is your getaway to rejuvenate yourself, to bring forth self-love, to relax, and make sure that your next post on Instagram will be a life-appreciation post!

Revive your soul in the peaceful yet exotic land of Nepal, and get past all the repercussions that life may have planned to throw on you to make you strong. The mesmerizing valleys, up-close snowy mountain peaks, breathtaking landscapes which radiate serene vibes are a part of your yoga retreat experience in Nepal.

Let your vacation speak for itself in this relaxing, and informative yoga retreat program. Follow the following steps to get to where you need to be - an ideal Yoga retreat center!

Tips to pick a “perfect” Yoga Retreat in Nepal

Before you make any decision, make sure you slide into the right direction, and not digress into the false predictions!

1.  Location

First and foremost are the underlying topography quests! It is not mandatory to pick an extremely expensive location in order to get the right treatment. In fact, it’s the opposite of it, why not listen to your heart, and take a flight to a fascinating land incorporating the world’s highest peaks like Mount Everest.

Most importantly, the Visa plan, as Nepal offers flexibility, unlike any other country by offering 1, 2, and 3-month visas upon arrival. So, if you want to stay and explore the adventurous side of Nepal, go ahead! Pokhara and Kathmandu are some of the few spiritual places in Nepal which offer the best of the retreat programs along with the natural riches.

2.   Budget

Nepal is extremely cheap when it comes to travel, food, and accommodation. What could possibly get better, than finding reasons and solutions to save your money, so that you can enjoy and use the rest of the money in a luxurious retreat session, other interesting activities, or even shopping?

UNESCO World Heritage Sites, temples, architectural beauty is all a part of the package called- a visit to Nepal. Find out ways to explore the city in minimal expenses and maximum memories during the course of your retreat In Nepal. Pick a place which speaks more to your heart, where you feel connected by looking at the ambiance, aroma and the vibe of course!

3.   Select the right Yoga center

Look at the services of the program thoroughly, and if the oils, massage, healing therapy sessions excite you as much as they fascinate us, then it’s time to read the reviews of the yoga schools. Make sure that the yoga school you are inclined towards is selected on the basis of its ratings, rankings, infrastructure, the quality of the staff and services.

Pictures of many schools may look engaging but that is the duty of a photographer. So, it’s crucial to get to know more about the school before you step in for your relaxing vacation. Go for certified and reputed yoga schools only, because nor us, nor you would like to put yourself in a shady situation.

4.   Yoga Alliance Certification

It’s better to research than to cross your fingers!

Yoga practices which include Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga, Yoga Philosophy, Yoga Anatomy, intense Meditation sessions, and cleansing Pranayama activities should be a part of the program regardless of your opinion. These are some of the many quintessential factors that you have to keep in mind while finalizing your favorite yoga retreat center. So, do go through the curriculum which highlights the daily routine of your transformative program.

5.  Serves organic Food

A legitimate yoga retreat center cannot serve experimental food by creating their own form of diets. Instead, they follow a sattvic approach with the inclusion of vegetarian food which is the original way to move forward with the yoga retreat program.

Eating fruits, vegetables, is norm for a yogi or yogini and makes them feel connected with the forces of nature. It is a great way to detoxify and purify your soul, by washing down the toxins from all the organs of your body. Balance your mental, physical, and spiritual health with the enthralling practices of Yoga. 

It is time to unwind the stress, anxiety, and tensions in the holistic city of Nepal. Make the right choice, and listen to your inner voice.