Features of Best Yoga Ashram in Nepal


As a yoga aspirant visit the meditative land of Nepal to embark on a transformative journey through the science of yoga. Surrounded by the mesmeric Annapurna ranges from which the blissful lakes descend, Nepal is the land soaking the seekers in its spiritual charm.

Adding to the magnificence of the land, are the ashrams, the place of yoga knowledge and living. A yoga ashram in Nepal is the heavenly place to obtain the science of yoga in its pure form transforming you into a professional yoga instructor and practitioner.

Here is the list of seven distinctive features of best yoga schools in Nepal. Have a look at them:

1. Authentic Teachings and Practices: Since time immemorial, Nepal has been the spiritual destination where many saints, yogis, spiritualists have set their foot for unearthing the divine discipline of yoga. Therefore, in Nepal, you can find several ashrams offering yoga teacher training programs, whose curriculum consists of traditional subjects and practices. The comprehensive learning, understanding, and practicing of the subjects like Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga series, Adjustment-Alignment, Meditation, Pranayama, Mantra Chanting, Bandhas, Human Anatomy, Yogic Cooking, and more helps you in progressing in your yoga journey as an individual with strong theoretical and practical knowledge of yoga subjects, skill of performing the yoga asanas with accuracy, and so much more. Make sure your yoga ashram in Nepal offers well-crafted curriculum.

2. Reputation and Validation: “Strive For Greatness.” When planning to undergo a yoga expedition, never compromise on the quality and greatness. Therefore, for yoga in Nepal, enroll in Yoga Alliance approved schools spreading the science of yoga across the globe through the diverse programs like 200-hour, 300-hour, and 500-hour yoga teacher training courses, yoga retreats, Himalayan yoga trek retreat, and more. The renowned yoga schools in Nepal boast of a healing atmosphere and infrastructure. According to the Indian architectural system of Vastu-Shastra, the atmosphere augments the benefits of yoga many times. Secondly, the certified yoga centers provide its students with Yoga Alliance certificates upon successful completion of the course thus validating you as a global yoga teacher.

3. The Best Teachers: The teachers are the beacon of light in the lives of the students leading them towards transformation through the inspiring stories, experiences, gratitude, and wisdom. The reputed yoga schools in Nepal have a team of traditional teachers who are well-qualified and have years of teaching experience. For the revered teachers, yoga is a way of life that is reflected in their lifestyle. And through their teachings, they motivate the students to manifest the same.

4. Pragmatic Yoga Lifestyle: Register in a yoga center in Nepal that thoroughly enriches your yogic expedition with peaceful meditative ambiance, an exposure to the confluence of Vedanta and Buddhist practices, a wide revelation to the experiences of yogis from across the globe, and the beauty of nature around. Add to this the indulgence in Karma yoga projects, soulful Satsang sessions, visiting historical places of Nepal, and more. The prime emphasis on the pragmatic lifestyle by the yoga ashrams is the key to living yoga. After all, yoga is 80% practical and 20% theoretical.

5. Accommodation, Food, and Other Services: One distinctive feature of the best yoga ashrams in Nepal is that they offer food, accommodation facility along with other services. The best yoga schools recognize the importance of a nurturing stay and food in the development of an ideal body, mind, and soul for sustaining the intensive yoga training. For this purpose, they facilitate you in an abode that is homely, nurtures you with Ayurvedic food, and confer you with services that make your yoga expedition more lively and comforting.

6. Cost-Factor: Several renowned yoga schools in Nepal are established with the motive of bringing the science of yoga to the doorsteps of every human being. So, to realize this mission, the schools ensure that the cost of yoga teacher training programs and other classes is affordable allowing maximum students to live their dream of becoming a yoga teacher.

Enroll in a yoga ashram in Nepal with these features and revere your soul with the purity of yoga and spirituality.