Top Places to Visit in Kathmandhu

  If the massive earthquake of 2015 couldn’t shatter the beauty of Kathmandu in Nepal, then nothing ever will. Nestled in the bowl-like lap of Nepal valley, Kathmandu is a great attraction for many visitors from around the world. Read More

Why Should Visit Nepal in the Month of June

  Nepal has a diverse climate between the mid-hills, plains, and the high Himalayas. The monsoon which sweeps up from India arrives in Nepal in June. Monsoon brings a smaller number of visitors in June. In the warmer months, there are Read More

Top Places to Visit in Pokhara

  The scenic lakeside city with a clear view of the snow-capped mountains, Pokhara is considered a mirror to the Himalayas. The city is a perfect arrangement of spectacular scenery, delectable food, adventure activities, and mountains Read More

5 Must See Yoga Retreats in Europe

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Top 5 Yoga Schools in Pokhara Nepal

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Top 5 Yoga Schools in Kathmandu Nepal

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Top 5 Yoga Classes in Nepal

  Nepal is an amazing country that is slowly emerging as a tourism giant. Not just tourism, Nepal is also known for the yoga fever that is catching on. Out of any exotic destinations that are making space for yoga and yoga-related courses, Read More