Why Should I Do My Yoga Teacher Training In Nepal

  Nepal is the perfect destination for yoga teacher training as it is a holy land for yoga, where many yogis have attained a great achievement. The natural beauty, tranquil atmosphere, and fascinating ambiance of Nepal inspire yoga practice Read More

Discover the Adventurous Charm of Nepal

  Nepal - This name is, in many ways, synonymous with a number of things. Historically, it has been the center of two of the world’s oldest religions- Hinduism and Buddhism. Located in the Himalayas, the nation is adorned with a rich Read More

5 Things You Need to Know Before Joining Yoga Teacher Training

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How to Find Best Yoga Teacher Training Program in Nepal

  The world of yoga is a well-timed solution to the problems of mankind of the century. It is an ancient practice that originated in ancient India, by yogis who had a greater cause in mind. Today, yoga is everywhere, all over the world there Read More

Where To Do Yoga Teacher Training in Nepal

  Yoga is a form of spiritual discipline comprising of physical postures called asanas, meditation, and controlled breathing. It enables us to expand and awaken our consciousness for the attainment of a physically, mentally and spiritually Read More

Top 7 Retreats in Pokhara Nepal

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Top 10 Meditation Retreats in Nepal

  The chaotic life does not allow us to live freely and peacefully. We are always pre-occupied with negative thoughts, over-thinking and not needed assumptions. To get rid of the anxiety and panic attacks, we are supposed to practice Read More

Top 5 Yoga Retreats in Kathmandu Nepal

  Bag packing in Nepal is hands down a memorable trip for anyone who wants to soak in the serenity of the Himalayas. Nepal is not only a place of great scenic value but also a treasure chest of spiritual learning. The hustle of working life Read More

Why Should One Visit Nepal in the Month of March

  Spring—a great time to feel alive, isn’t it? The whole world looks like a fresh bouquet of the brightest colors, greeting all of us with new energy. The time of spring gets several travelers going as the air is fresh, the birds Read More

Top 5 Things To Do in Kathmandu

Mountains are where the peace of mind resides. Mountain regions are the perfect spot for you to simply sit back, relax and reflect upon yourself. In the fast life, you’ve been living all this while, there is no doubt that it might become Read More