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Welcome to YogaTrainingNepal.

YogaTrainingNepal is a peace-loving family consisting of a team of yogis, spiritualists, and all those nature-loving souls. We seek to provide a platform where one can unlock the numerous dimensions of yogic practice by exploring some of the best yoga teacher training and yoga retreat programs across Nepal. More than a platform, it is a mission to help aspiring yogis discover yoga in its truest form, while encouraging the growth of a community of yogis passionate of spreading the ancient art of yoga throughout the world.

“We introduce Yoga-athirst souls to the delight of yoga by convening them at a single point - YogaTrainingNepal.”

Building this platform has allowed us to accomplish our goal of serving as the facilitators and guides of transferring the ancient art in its true form. We continually form affiliations and partnerships with other organizations who share our objectives and philosophies. Each of the yoga programs listed on our site are fueled by the genuine practices of yoga and a devotion to living an inspired and healthy lifestyle.

Discover the true essence of your existence on the planet with the most authentic Yoga education in the birth land of Buddha. Home to deep yogic wisdom and enchanting beauty, the land of the Himalayas is in every sense the ideal setting for a deep, immersive yogic practice.

We maintain the utmost authenticity when it comes to the yoga programs featured on our website. The aim of these programs is to provide the finest outlook of Yoga. We let you experience the Yoga Alliance standard of program curriculum that is accepted worldwide. Although the ancient form of Yoga remains the primary subject, you can also experience the beauty of Yoga’s contemporary form through various other programs.

Our guidance and support remains with you every step of the way in your quest for self-transformation and assist you to be the guiding light for others.

Come and be a part of family of benevolent friends and truth seekers ready to make this world a better place for all!!!