7 Incredible Health Benefits of Locust Pose Shalabhasana


Shalabhasana is a back bending Yoga exercise that is filled with a large number of advantages for the body, mind, and soul. The word ‘Shalabhasana’ is made of two Sanskrit words – ‘Shalabh’ which means a locust or grasshopper and ‘Asana’ which means pose. The final position of a Shalabhasana practitioner imitates a locust. The asana has traditionally been an integral part of Hatha Yoga and is among popular Yoga exercises.

To practice the pose, lie down on the Yoga mat with the belly facing the mat. Raise your legs and the chest while keeping the pelvis on the ground. Bring the hands above your buttocks parallel with the mat. Make sure the knees and elbows do not get bent. Close your eyes and keep the body in balance. Try to feel the tenderness of the earth before opening the eyes and setting the body free.

Have a look at some of the health benefits of Locust pose while getting acquainted with how it works with various body parts and organs.

Helps burn fats

One of the most widely known health benefits of Shalabhasana is its ability to burn those extra kilos present in the body. For this reason, the yogic exercise is extremely popular among the modern generation of practitioners. Muscles from almost all parts of the body feel the toning effect of Locust pose. While removing harmful toxins from the body, the exercise helps you experience immense rejuvenation. Include the practice of Shalabhasana in your daily lifestyle and enjoy its goodness in abundance.

Instigates digestion

Digestive organs are among the finest beneficiaries of the Locust Pose. Since a lot of body weight is put on the abdomen, the digestive system gets toned in an awesome way. From the intestines to the liver, every digestive organ is influenced by the practice of Shalabhasana in some positive way or the other. The ultimate benefit comes in the form of better digestion. It is a matter of tremendous importance that the digestive system of a person works properly. This lets you remain away from all digestive problems such as constipation, stomach pain, diarrhea, etc. Just 5-10 minutes of Locust Pose every morning can help you enjoy your meals in the best way possible.

Promotes blood circulation

For a better circulation of blood in the body, Shalabhasana is of great significance. Almost all parts of the body come into action when one practices the Locust pose. The exercise stretches all the muscles, resulting in blood reaching everywhere. The red liquid enriches each and every cell of the body. Feel rejuvenated, refreshed and energetic by practicing this asana every day.

Tones thigh and arm muscles

When it comes to toning the muscles, Shalabhasana can certainly do wonders. One needs to raise his/her legs and arms in the air while practicing the asana. This puts a lot of pressure on the thighs and the arms. Along with strengthening the muscles, the Yoga pose enlivens the body parts. It has a good impact on the joints as well. Strengthening the thighs and arms boosts the whole power of the body. If you are looking to enhance your physical stamina, this asana can help you in a great way.

Cures back pain

Any kind of back issues can be resolved with the regular practice of Shalabhasana. While being in the back-bending and reclining position of Locust pose, the spine gets stretched and the back muscles enjoy a good exercise. Many people find it difficult to hold the correct posture of the body due to the weakening of the lower backbone, hips, etc. Those people can find this asana really influential, since the pose impacts the whole back region beautifully.

Bolsters the shoulders

Shoulders and the chest have an extraordinary role to play during the practice of Shalabhasana. The exercise is an ideal way to boost the strength of the shoulders, which keeps the body in good shape. In addition, the neck also gets stimulated with the Locust pose, since all three are joined together closely. Those, who feel any kind of pain in their upper body part is recommended to give a few moments of the day to Shalabhasana. It is incredible for maintaining proper posture and alignment.

Aids body balance

Shalabhasana is all about balancing the body’s two halves on the pelvis. The practice teaches the body and mind to remain well adjusted all the time. It throws light on the equitable nature of Yoga and the utilization of the ancient practice in a more inclusive way. You feel similar tranquility as that with Meditation. After a session of Locust pose, you can feel immense serenity and equitability in the brain. When all three aspects of life - mind, body, and soul work together, it manufactures an environment of eternal beauty and bliss.