7 Excellent Health Benefits of Pranayama


The formal practice of controlling breath and thus activating prana- the vital life force in our being, is known as pranayama and it ensures a great array of benefits for both the mind and the body. Find out about the seven excellent benefits.

How many ways are there just to breathe? Well, many!

The ancient yogis knew how by extending our breath in different ways, inhaling and exhaling skillfully, retaining, and regulating the speed and intensity of the process, we can gain a greater reach into our internal systems. The art, inside the yogic discipline, of deepening, changing the rate and pattern of breathing, is known as ‘pranayama’.

This is about bringing under your own control the ‘prana’ or life-force. Pervading through the body and establishing a link between the mind and consciousness, prana manifests through the breath. Learning the art of pranayama can be groundbreaking in your day-to-day self-care and healing. It is an immensely effective way to usher in good thoughts, keeping the stress and anxiety under check, and purifying from the inside.

The health benefits of pranayama are far-ranging and ensure well being for both the mind and the body. Breath is understood as the physical part of thinking and thinking, the psychological part of breathing. Through a practice devoted to pranayama, one can access the most effective tool for health, stress management, and spiritual orientation.

Here is how--

Boost For Cardiovascular Health

Cardiac functions include blood pressure and heart rate and the latter is integrally related to the breath. When we are at a physically exhaustive point, the body needs more blood in different regions for its muscles to relax and get oxygenated. Our innate body mechanism sets the heart to motion according to these different hours of need. The practice of pranayama breathing ensures sufficient oxygenation of the body at all times through a willful regulation of breath.

Pranayama checks arterial fat deposition which may bar clean passage of fresh blood, optimized strength built into the heart, and overall oxygen capacity of the blood. Welcome to a lesser risk zone of heart disease and irregular blood pressure with a regular pranayama practice.

Hypertension Risk Level Brought Down

Our bodies are auto set to the fight or flight impulse when faced with stressful situations. The root of this is hypertension resulting from high blood pressure. Pranayamic practice enables the body-mind to be in a place of peace, allowing positive thinking and restoration at all times so that when faced with a challenge or stress-inducing situation, you are not hurled with the impulses either to fight or to flee.

Pranayama is the key to relax, keep calm, and come out winning even in the face of one’s greatest fears.

Optimized Lung Function

Pranayama holds special benefits for those suffering from asthma or other breathing troubles. Through a technique of thorough diaphragmatic breathing, pranayama can expand your lung capacity. Reduced asthma attacks, more breathing adaptability in high altitude, and optimized lung function are the promises.

Relieves Depression

Depression can stem from an array of causes of psychosomatic origins. However, pranayama shows that breathing in certain ways releases neurotransmitters like dopamine, endorphin, oxytocin, and serotonin, the quartet responsible for emitting a sensation of happiness within. Braced with the health benefits of Pranayama, you will stop being a passenger on an involuntary ride of your hormones and neurotransmitters but in active control of the entire process.

Detoxes and Internally Purified

Toxin accumulation in day-to-day life leaves traces of unwanted elements in your inner body channels. Ama or substances existing in the middle of transformations, like from food to energy, are the causes of many blockages in the physical system. On the other hand, at the psychic level, there are unresolved emotions which will need closure and coming to terms with.

Pranayama benefits by clearing clogged channels and also taking the mind to a more conscious plane where one can pick and close negative emotional interferences. The flow of prana is like a fire that burns the obstacles and thus purifies the being.

Alleviates Digestion Problems

Our digestive fire is a core element found in the stomach and intestines, instrumental in the process of the proper processing of food and absorption of the nutrients. A weak Agni leads to digestive troubles, resultant of which is Ama (the polluting element). In order to keep kindling this energy, you need to avail the health benefits of pranayama with the purifying air reaching till the depths of the belly.

Improves Immunity To Diseases

Pranayama sets the white blood cells and lymphatic substances in a constant circulation throughout the body, thus increasing the body’s immune functions. Additionally, the discipline is a great stress reliever and is a plus for soothing and expanding the body’s endurance and immunity.

Get into practice and grab these pranayama benefits.