7 Day Yoga Retreat in Nepal

Engage in mindfulness and holistic health practices inside the cocoon of peace in the Himalayas on 7 days yoga vacation retreat in Nepal. Immerse your soul in sheer bliss surrounding the Blue Mountains as the body and mind break its own limitations with guided yogic practices. Over a period of just 7 days, you will be introduced to an array of yogic forms and styles, with strong roots in meditation, helping you center your mind and feel recharged in the remotest areas of your body. The breathtaking backdrop of the magnificent Himalayas becomes a source of immense inspiration on this relaxing power discipline.


This brief retreat in paradisiacal Nepal is going to be as much about building power and firing your stamina as about restoration, balance, and culturing inner peace. We have created the perfect equilibrium in this 7 days yoga retreat in Pokhara, Nepal with sessions tailored for an exacting musculoskeletal workout, Pranayama to purify from within following the regulation of life-breath, meditation to hush the endless chattering of an untrained mind, and restorative yoga to nurture and balance your humors ensuring proper restfulness.

Away from the hullabaloo of daily life and its chores, our humble abode in Nepal is blissed out, inhabited with the happy yoga folk, and serves the greatest delicacies on the house. On a 7-day yoga retreat, you would be restored with peace unbound, your body replenished with vital nutrients, and also set on a path of holistically healthy, ethical, and thoughtful living.

Our station for the 7 days yoga holidays in Nepal is a landmark of spiritual cultures. In this Himalayan kingdom, you will find the glorious Pashupatinath Temple, the Boudhanath Stupa, the temple of Shakti-the goddess in Dakshinkali, and more such sites of archeological, historical, and spiritual importance. Most evocatively, this country is the birth land of Gautama Buddha whose aura is immortal. Nepal keeps reverberating with good energy, its resplendent valleys full of the colors of the season, and the local culture exemplifying a simple living. Scopes of adventure are also abundant in the nooks of the Annapurna Range and that’s a bonus for the yoga travelers in this land.

Nepal is your opportunity to become a part of an age-old glorious tradition steeped in simple living, spiritual wellbeing, and enlightening self-inquiry. Inspiring teachers, a loving and supportive commune of yoga people, and an orientation for a rewarding career in teaching and entrepreneurship in yoga are just some of the other factors that add more joy to this journey.

Highlights of the Yoga Retreat in Nepal with Us:


  • Unlocking the keys to stay healthy with yoga
  • Seven days of silence, quality self-time, and long pinned for solitude
  • Brushing up interpersonal and social skills with meeting practitioners from the world over at the 7 days yoga holidays in Nepal
  • Introducing an array of yoga styles, the most foundational being the Hatha and Ashtanga forms
  • Laughter yoga to unleash your inner joyful self
  • Two Ayurvedic massages to feel spruced up
  • An insightful reading into yoga philosophy, theoretical explanations, and the history of yoga
  • Cleansing with yogic shatkriya to unblock sinuses, respiratory channels, and purify blood vessels
  • Yogic meals, full of the Sattvic guna, served thrice a day
  • Trips organized to sites of interest nearby, of natural exquisiteness, historical importance, and yogic legacy
  • Accommodation in clean, ambient living quarters on-site
  • Hiking trips planned in the Annapurna mountains
  • Outdoor meditation right in the middle of the Himalayan wonderland

Elements of the 7-Day Yoga Retreat Program

  • Three meals a day to complete nutrition
  • Detox with Ayurvedic therapy
  • Balancing dosha constitutions in the body following Ayurvedic techniques
  • Relaxing yoga nidra for curing sleep disorders
  • Yoga addressing spinal issues
  • Therapy with hot and cold
  • Activating massage for the joints
  • 2 rejuvenating Abhyanga massage to relieve stress in the body
  • Consultation with Ayurveda Experts for therapy and rejuvenation
  • Cooking class to dish up the best-tasting Yogic style food
  • Annapurna Range trekking activities
  • Karma Yoga projects to clean up the banks of the Phewa Lake
  • Soulful sunrises over the snow-clad Himalayas
  • Full moon nights outdoors to meditate and invoke solace
  • Group discussions and spiritual discourses


Observe life in the Vedic way on 7 days yoga vacations in Nepal, living in simple homes set in the mountainside with a breathtaking view of the resplendent Himalayan background, enclosed within a divine silence that is only punctuated with the chattering of streams and birdsong. Clean rooms, spacious enough for single and shared accommodation, equipped with needful amenities, and a staff to cater to one’s time to time requirements, are going to be all pleasures for your 7 days of undisturbed, blissful living in the hills. We are providing your quarter’s twin beds, TV, fans, geyser-hot water in attached baths, a cozy seating area, and a porch and a garden in the building to spend your quality lone hours at.


We would love to pamper your taste buds and ensure proper nutrition for every step of your yogic stay with us. Organic delicacies from our Ayurvedic kitchen served fresh and flavorful thrice a day is going to be one reason for the success of your 7 day yoga retreat in Nepal. Vitalizing herbal drinks, coolants, and teas on the house are our toasts to health and life eternal, presenting to you a slice of authentic yogic lifestyle in the Indian subcontinent.

How to Reach Us In Pokhara, Nepal?

By Air: You can fly to Nepal by reaching the Tribhuvan International airport in Kathmandu. From the airport, you may take a cab or a bus to reach our center in Pokhara.

By Road: You can journey to our center in Pokhara by roads from India through a number of entry points like Kakarbhitta (West Bengal), Biratnagar (Bihar), Birgunj (Bihar), Sunauli, Nepalgunj, Dhanagadi, and Mahendranagar (across the border of Uttar Pradesh). Buses are available from these points.

Taxi Pickup: We would love to provide you our airport cab pickup services at an extra cost and prior information.

Outcomes of the 7-Day Yoga Retreat Program in Nepal

  • Observing the traditional lifestyle in commune with fellow yogis, teachers, and illuminated yoga minds
  • Revitalizing physically, psychically, and spiritually with Asana, Pranayama, and Meditation
  • Learning to develop an Ayurveda-informed lifestyle
  • Correct the glitches in your existing practice, go deeper into the seeking and establish self-led practice routines
  • The transcendental moments of sunrise and sunsets and full moon nights over the Himalayas